A Guide to Understanding Divorces in WV

Divorce Settlement Agreement A Guide to Understanding Divorces in WV

Get the Scoop on Divorces in WV

If you’re looking for an easy way to file for a friendly divorce in West Virginia, you’re in the right place! With our guide, you’ll learn all about divorces in WV and how to file for an uncontested divorce without a lawyer in no time!

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Secrets Behind an Uncontested Divorce in WV

When filing for divorce in West Virginia, you can choose to get:

  • A contested divorce
  • An uncontested divorce

Contested divorces in WV are filed when spouses can’t reach an agreement on divorce matters, and the process is more difficult than filing for uncontested divorce.

If you and your spouse can reach common ground, you should file for uncontested divorce and settle out of court, saving yourselves from unnecessary stress. In case you can’t find common language but would like to avoid the contested divorce process, you can always turn to divorce mediation to help you reach an agreement.

Filing for an uncontested divorce in WV comes with a number of benefits, such as:

CostAn uncontested divorce is usually a lot cheaper than a contested one. You can even avoid hiring a lawyer and save additional money that way
TimeAn uncontested divorce usually takes less time than a contested one. You won’t have to spend days in the courtroom
No conflictWith an uncontested divorce, both you and your spouse will agree on the divorce matters and avoid any kind of conflict. There would be no arguing, and you can go through the divorce with minimal stress

How To File for an Uncontested Divorce in West Virginia

To file for a WV uncontested divorce, you have to meet their residency requirements, as follows:

  • You were married in WV, and either you or your spouse are still a resident
  • You or your spouse must have been a WV resident for at least a year before filing for divorce (if you were married or currently reside in another state)

Check out the list below to see the instructions on how to file for uncontested divorce in WV:

  1. Complete and file all the required forms—To file for divorce in WV, you need to fill out and file a case information sheet, a petition for divorce, a vital statistics form, and a financial statement. Low-income residents can also file a fee waiver affidavit. If you and your spouse have biological or adopted underage kids, you’ll also need the following paperwork:
    1. Child support income withholding form
    2. Parent education registration form
    3. Proposed parenting plan
  2. Serve your spouse—Give your spouse a copy of the divorce papers
  3. Draft a divorce settlement agreement—Use a divorce settlement agreement to spell out how you will divide your marital property and debts. In case you have underaged children, state who will pay alimony and specify other relevant details about custody and child support

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Divorce in WV?

Wondering whether you need to hire a lawyer if you and your spouse agree on everything? The answer is no.

Although a lawyer can help you with the divorce papers and decipher the terminology for you, hiring one isn’t necessary. Divorce attorneys are quite expensive, and there is no reason for you to spend hundreds of dollars to draft all uncontested divorce papers.

You can draw up your divorce settlement agreement on your own easily and save a pretty penny!

How To Draft a WV Divorce Settlement Agreement by Yourself

Looking for a way to write your divorce settlement agreement without breaking the bank? Check out the table below for a couple of options to do so:

OptionWhat To Do
Finding online templatesSearch the internet for divorce settlement templates and follow the steps to writing your own. You have to make sure your agreement is valid by incorporating all crucial clauses, so keep in mind that these templates aren’t always the most reliable and that you may need to do additional research about WV divorce laws
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