How To Get the Right Divorce Papers in TN

Divorce Settlement Agreement How To Get the Right Divorce Papers in TN

Do I Need a Lawyer To Prepare the Divorce Papers in TN?

Going through a divorce can be both stressful and pricey. Where can you get the divorce papers in TN? Can you complete and file them alone?

We present answers to these and other questions. DoNotPay also provides help with drafting your divorce settlement agreement efficiently.

Where To Look for Tennessee Divorce Papers

You can find free Tennessee divorce forms on the website of the Tennessee state courts. If you complete these court-approved forms correctly, you don’t have to hire a lawyer.

Before you opt for this set of forms, you should keep in mind that these forms are adequate only if you and your spouse have an agreed or uncontested divorce.

What Is an Agreed Divorce?

An agreed or uncontested divorce happens when you and your spouse agree on all divorce aspects or points. This friendly divorce is the fastest way to end a marriage in Tennessee, and it also:

Should You Choose Mediation?

If you and your spouse don’t agree on all aspects, you don’t have to hire a lawyer yet. You might want to try mediation first.

A mediator is an expert who can help you come to terms and sign a divorce settlement agreement. Keep in mind that you can meet with a Tennessee mediator separately, i.e., you don’t have to do it with your spouse if you feel uncomfortable.

Can You File for an Online Divorce in Tennessee?

You cannot file for or complete your divorce online in TN. If you need any extra papers for your divorce, you’ll need to visit your local county clerk’s office.

How Long Does It Take To Get Divorced in TN?

While an agreed divorce is the fastest way to get divorced, Tennessee law requires a cooling-off period. It means that an uncontested divorce:

  1. Without minor children must be on file for at least 60 days
  2. With children who are under 18 needs to be on file for a minimum of 90 days

As there is no exception to this rule, you cannot finalize your divorce in less than 61 days from the date you filed your papers. Keep in mind that this period may easily be longer due to additional factors, e.g., the court’s caseload and availability.

An average contested divorce takes about a year, but the length depends on how complex your case is and how many problems you and your spouse need to resolve.

File the Divorce Papers in Tennessee Alone or With the Help of a Lawyer

Besides negotiating and agreeing on all points of your divorce, you and your spouse need to meet the criteria listed in the left column of the following table to file for divorce using the Tennessee uncontested divorce forms:

You Can Use the Available Forms Alone IfYou Should Consult a Lawyer If
  1. At least one of you lived in Tennessee for the last six months before you decided to get divorced
  2. You don’t have any children together who are:
    1. Disabled
    2. Under 18
    3. In high school
  3. Neither of you is pregnant
  4. Both you and your spouse want to end the marriage
  5. You don’t have any land, buildings, businesses, or retirement benefits together
  6. You and your spouse agree on:
    1. Spousal support
    2. The division of property
    3. Signing a divorce agreement

Keep in mind that both of you need to agree on all of the above-listed to be able to use the court-approved Tennessee divorce forms

  • You don’t understand the TN divorce papers or have additional questions
  • There’s domestic violence
  • Either your spouse or you have a retirement plan or IRS qualified pension
  • You don’t know where your spouse is
  • Either one of you owns:
    • A business
    • Real property, i.e., land or buildings
  • Your spouse:
    • Makes you afraid
    • Has a lawyer—you should hire one, too
    • Refuses to sign the divorce settlement agreement

The cost of a divorce in TN depends on many factors, including the ones presented above, i.e., if you use the services of a mediator or lawyer or file for divorce alone.

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