Divorce Mediation—Wisconsin’s Answer to Difficult Settlement Negotiations

Divorce Settlement Agreement Divorce Mediation—Wisconsin’s Answer to Difficult Settlement Negotiations

Need To Reach a Settlement Agreement Through Divorce Mediation in Wisconsin?

You have filed for divorce, served your spouse with the divorce papers, and received the date of your first hearing. Now you want to avoid the hassle of multiple court appearances by reaching a settlement before the judge hears your case.

If you are filing in Wisconsin, you don’t need to achieve this by hiring attorneys to negotiate with your spouse. Divorce mediation offers you a low-cost alternative to the traditional legal route.

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How Does Divorce Work in Wisconsin?

The procedure for getting divorced in Wisconsin is as follows:

  1. File your divorce papers
  2. Serve your spouse
  3. Negotiate a settlement agreement

Filing Your Divorce Papers

Under Wisconsin law, you can file your papers:

Your divorce papers include a petition for divorce, joint and separate financial statements, and details of any children in your marriage. You will have to pay the filing fee of around $200 upon filing.

If you file jointly, your divorce will automatically be classified as uncontested.

Serving Your Spouse

If you have filed separately, you need to have the papers delivered to your spouse and provide proof that they have been received.

In joint filings, this step is unnecessary, and your spouse can sign a waiver of service.

Negotiating a Settlement Agreement

Before your court case begins in earnest, you and your spouse can negotiate a settlement agreement that sets out how every aspect of your married life should be divided after your divorce.

Once the agreement is signed, you should file it with your county court. The judge will check it to make sure it is:

  • Complete
  • Fair
  • Legally acceptable

If all these criteria are met, your divorce will be granted with no further hassle.

If you are unable to agree on a settlement before your case reaches the judge, your divorce will be seen as contested, and you will have to fight it out in court.

How Can You Reach a Settlement and Achieve an Uncontested Divorce?

Achieving an uncontested divorce in Wisconsin depends on you reaching an out-of-court divorce settlement agreement with your spouse before your first court hearing.

Your settlement agreement is a legal document that covers:

Setting up your settlement agreement usually requires negotiation between you and your spouse.

If the two of you can work together towards a friendly divorce, face-to-face negotiations with no need for third-party help may be possible.

In many cases, though, couples need outside intervention to work out the details of their settlement. The help on offer is in the form of:

Settlement Negotiation ResourcesExplanation

Attorneys can negotiate on your and your spouse’s behalf, but this can be an expensive exercise. Wisconsin lawyers charge an average of $220 per hour, and most will demand an upfront retainer of up to $5,000 to negotiate a settlement agreement. Your final cost could even reach a five-figure sum per spouse


Mediation offers a lower-cost alternative to engaging attorneys

How Does Divorce Mediation Work in Wisconsin?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which you and your spouse negotiate face to face with the help of an independent facilitator.

The mediator is not allowed to give legal advice and has to remain impartial throughout the entire process.

Depending on how well you and your spouse can cooperate, a mediator can take on different levels of engagement, namely:

Mediator RolesExplanation
Facilitative mediation

Facilitative mediation does not pass judgment on your or your spouse’s adopted positions but rather helps mutual understanding by summarizing, rephrasing, or reiterating what each side says.

A facilitative mediator can help you understand each other’s position and focus on mutually acceptable solutions

Evaluative mediation

In evaluative mediation, the mediator takes on a more involved role by listening to each side’s arguments and proposing a compromise solution.

You and your spouse can agree to accept or reject the solution your mediator proposes

Wisconsin mediation services typically cost between $100 and $300 per session, and your total mediation cost can range between $800 and $3,500 in Wisconsin.

If the process fails, the mediator will prepare a statement for the judge in your case, saying that you were unable to reach an agreement and that the case needs to be decided in court.

If mediation is successful, a mediator can help you capture the settlement terms you have agreed on before they are drawn up as a legal document.

How Can You Have Your Settlement Agreement Drawn Up?

Once mediation has ironed out the terms of your settlement, you can have it drawn up as a legal agreement using the following resources:

  • Lawyer—You can use a lawyer to draft your settlement agreement, but this will cost you up to $1,500
  • Online service—Numerous online providers offer downloadable templates for you to fill out, but many of these are too generic to cover the exact needs of your case and could be rejected as inadequate by a judge

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