Is Divorce Mediation in Virginia the Right Choice for You?

Divorce Settlement Agreement Is Divorce Mediation in Virginia the Right Choice for You?

The Scoop on Divorce Mediation in Virginia

Filing for divorce can be troublesome, but it doesn’t have to be. You should gather the right information about the necessary paperwork and average cost. With the collected data and gained knowledge, you can avoid hiring a lawyer and going to court and have a low-cost divorce instead.

What if you can’t agree with your spouse on certain divorce matters? You should consider divorce mediation in Virginia. This article provides the specifics of the process.

What Can I Expect From Divorce Mediation?

To understand what you could expect during the mediation process, here’s what a certified mediator—a trained neutral third party in your divorce process—will do:

  1. Facilitate friendly negotiations between you and your spouse
  2. Narrow down all significant issues without imposing solutions
  3. Encourage you and your spouse to come to mutually agreeable settlement options

You and your spouse can discuss any divorce areas you disagree about, including:

To reach a settlement, you and your spouse should recognize each other's needs and demand what you feel is fair for both sides.

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost in Virginia?

The cost of divorce mediation in Virginia depends on the type:

  1. Court-ordered—Mediation is free in case the judge orders you to go when you file for divorce in Virginia
  2. Voluntary—You need to find and hire a mediator on your own. These professionals usually charge between $300 and $400 per hour. Keep in mind that you and your spouse:
    1. Can negotiate the fee with the mediator
    2. Will share the total amount

Where To Find a Certified Mediator in Virginia

If you’d like to check the fees and terms, you could get in touch with a few mediators before making your choice.

You can find the information on the website of Virginia’s Judicial System using the following two search tools:

Search for Certified MediatorsDetails
Mediators with Specific QualificationsYou can search for a mediator based on different criteria, including the:

  • City
  • Name
  • Company
  • Jurisdiction
  • Level of certification
  • Additional languages

You should click on the mediator’s name

to get the contact information and other details

Circuit/District MediatorsYou should:

  1. Click on a circuit on the map (e.g., Fairfax, Virginia Beach, or some other)
  2. Browse through the list of all available mediators in that area
  3. Click on those names whose contact details you’d like to get

What To Prepare for Divorce Mediation in Virginia

Since you’ll be negotiating your divorce matters in mediation, you should provide any relevant documentation, such as your:

You should specify the paperwork you need to bring once you get in touch with a mediator and schedule your first session.

Do I Have To Go Through Divorce Mediation in Virginia?

Divorce mediation in Virginia is not mandatory, but the judge might order you and your spouse to try mediation before going into litigation.

If you’re considering taking mediation voluntarily, keep in mind that the sessions are confidential. It means that you don’t have to worry if the judge or your spouse’s lawyer might hold anything expressed in mediation against you later during the divorce.

Aside from being confidential, mediation also saves:

  • Money—You could resolve all problems through mediation, which will make you eligible for an uncontested divorce. If you go through a friendly divorce, you don’t need to appoint a lawyer and pay the earth for their service
  • Time—Mediation can lead to a quick divorce since working out all the issues with your spouse eliminates the need for litigation

What Happens After Divorce Mediation?

Mediation gives you and your spouse an opportunity to solve any disputes and proceed to the least expensive, complicated, and time-consuming divorce procedure—an uncontested divorce.

An uncontested no-fault divorce is usually finalized fast since the judge needs only to review the:

  1. Filed court forms and uncontested divorce papers
  2. Divorce settlement agreement that you and your spouse have created during the mediation process (or on your own)

How To Prepare a Divorce Settlement Agreement

You need to list all the agreed-upon matters in a divorce settlement agreement and present the document to the judge for review. If you’re not familiar with state laws enough to draft the document by yourself, you could consider the following options:

  • Visiting a law office—Attorneys can prepare all divorce documentation for you, but you need to inquire about their fees first to dodge unpleasant surprises
  • Using online divorce services—While online templates might seem like a good idea, you need to check them carefully. Some are too generic and don’t fulfill legal requirements
  • Registering for DoNotPay—Having an extensive database of state laws enables us to generate reliable yet affordable divorce settlement agreements

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Once you get the agreement, you should present it to the judge for review and approval.

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