Should I Go for Divorce Mediation in RI or Hire a Lawyer?

Divorce Settlement Agreement Should I Go for Divorce Mediation in RI or Hire a Lawyer?

Divorce Mediation in RI—Can It Help?

If you’d like to reduce the stress level during and after complicated Rhode Island divorce proceedings, try reaching an agreement with your spouse on all post-divorce aspects.

Divorce mediation in RI can help resolve pending issues. Do you have to use a mediator or lawyer when getting a divorce in Rhode Island? We offer the intel and help you draft a rock-solid divorce settlement agreement.

Do I Need a RI Divorce Mediation?

You could try divorce mediation in RI if you and your spouse cannot resolve all critical issues alone, especially the ones regarding:

  • Spousal support
  • Fair division of property
  • Child custody and support

Mediation is a process during which you and your spouse meet with a trained mediator who should help you reach a voluntary agreement on unresolved matters of your case. For the mediation process to be successful, both spouses must be willing to cooperate.

Instead of hiring a lawyer when experiencing the first bump on your divorce path, try mediation because it is an open dialogue and a significantly cheaper method.

What Does a Divorce Mediator Do?

To understand the whole process, you should know that a mediator will:

  1. Help you and your spouse:
    1. Discuss sensitive subjects
    2. Finalize a friendly divorce fast
  2. Present and explain every option
  3. Encourage you to resolve differences and reach an out-of-court settlement

Keep in mind that a mediator has to be neutral, i.e., they cannot side with either party during the process.

Who Needs To Attend RI Divorce Mediation Sessions?

The only people who should attend divorce mediation sessions are the:

  1. Plaintiff, i.e., the spouse who files for divorce
  2. Defendant, i.e., the other spouse
  3. Mediator

If you have an attorney, they can:

  • Consult with you outside mediation
  • Review any agreements you and your spouse reach

Can I Get Legal Advice During Divorce Mediation in RI?

A mediator can neither provide legal advice nor represent you or your spouse in the divorce case. Mediators need to remain neutral.

If you need help understanding legal requirements or divorce papers, you should take counsel from an experienced lawyer. Keep in mind that legal services will increase the total cost of your divorce.

Why Opt for RI Divorce Mediation?

Mediation has lots of benefits you might not be aware of. Here are some:

  1. The process:
    1. Is private
    2. Promotes cooperation in key decision-making matters
    3. Can reduce conflict and improve communication between you and your spouse
  2. You and your spouse are the ones to determine the outcome of your case (and not a judge)
  3. Mediation is less expensive and time-consuming than litigation

Should You Meet With a Mediator Before Filing for Divorce?

To determine the right time for divorce mediation in RI, take a look at the following table with essential details:

Have a Pending Case in the Family Court?Mediation Services
NoYou and your spouse can use the services of a private mediator before filing for divorce. To find one, take the following steps:

  1. Access the RI Mediators Association Directory page
  2. Browse through the provided list
  3. Click on an individual profile to get more information
YesYou and your spouse:

  • Can use a free of charge mediation program provided by the Family Court
  • Should be referred for mediation automatically if your case includes a motion to determine:
    • Child custody
    • Parenting time
    • Child placement

How Many Mediation Sessions Do You Have To Attend?

The mediation process usually doesn’t take a lot of time, but this depends on how cooperative you and your spouse are. If you negotiate successfully and agree on everything, you can complete the process after only one session.

In case there are additional matters to discuss, you can schedule a few more sessions with a mediator. Here’s what can come out of mediation:

  1. You reach an agreement and hire a lawyer to:
    1. Review it
    2. Prepare a Stipulation outlining the agreed terms
    3. File the required paperwork
  2. You come to an agreement and prepare and submit a Memorandum of Understanding or Stipulation alone

Once the judge or magistrate approves your agreement, it becomes legally binding, and you are required to follow its terms. If you are reluctant to write the final document yourself, sign up for DoNotPay to get a reliable divorce settlement agreement to meet your specific needs.

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If you and your spouse decide to have an uncontested divorce, i.e., agree on all aspects of your post-divorce life, you’ll need to specify all the terms in a divorce settlement agreement.

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