Divorce Mediation in Michigan Explained in Detail!

Divorce Settlement Agreement Divorce Mediation in Michigan Explained in Detail!

Get a Breakdown of Divorce Mediation in Michigan

Reaching an out-of-court settlement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse might be the best solution for a smooth and low-cost divorce.

If you cannot agree on some divorce aspects on your own, you could try divorce mediation in Michigan. A mediator could help you see matters from a different perspective, negotiate a friendly divorce, and thus cut down the total divorce costs.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a voluntary and cooperative process where spouses could work out their issues outside of court.

A trained mediator could guide you to finding an acceptable resolution to some matters during a divorce in Michigan, such as:

Divorce Mediation Stages

To prepare for divorce mediation in Michigan better, you should understand what the process consists of:

  • Introduction—A mediator will explain how the process works so that both spouses could feel comfortable with the process
  • Statement of the problem—You and your spouse will present your sides of the problem in an open and respectful manner
  • Information gathering—In this stage of the mediation process, you should provide all proof and documentation supporting your statements. A mediator might decide to meet each spouse separately if they need additional information
  • Problem identification—Based on the collected evidence, a mediator will provide an impartial view of the stated problem
  • Bargaining and settlement—A mediator usually proposes a settlement and lets both spouses change any terms until reaching an agreement acceptable for each side

If you’d like to get more details about the mediation process, you should get in touch with a few mediators before scheduling your first session.

Where To Find a Mediator

You could find local mediators by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Michigan Legal Help website
  2. Choose your county in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner (e.g., Wayne, Oakland, or some other county)
  3. Click on the link to the mediation or dispute resolution center provided
  4. Get in touch with the organization using the provided contact information on the right

Is Divorce Mediation Suitable for All Cases?

Mediation isn’t the best option for all divorces. A mediator might not accept your case in the following situations:

  • One spouse wants to be in control and make all the decisions
  • Mediation might endanger your or your spouse’s safety or health
  • There’s been a history of abuse or cruel treatment between the two of you
  • You still don’t have all the necessary information or evidence to make the right decisions
  • You or your spouse don’t feel comfortable sharing your opinions in the mediation process because of language issues, the lack of negotiation skills, or some other reasons

Why Should You Consider Divorce Mediation in Michigan?

You should consider going to divorce mediation if you’d like to achieve the following goals:

Reasons To Go to MediationDetails
Reaching an agreement outside of courtYou don’t have to leave it to the judge to make decisions about your post-divorce life—you should resolve all matters with your spouse in a fair manner since a court-imposed resolution:

  1. Is based on state laws
  2. Might seem impractical or unreasonable for your family
Going through a cost-effective and fast uncontested divorce procedureIf you and your spouse agree on everything before you file the necessary divorce papers, there’s no need to:

  1. Have a trial
  2. Appoint a lawyer and settle a significant retainer fee
Handling all divorce aspects aloneYou could save lots of money and nerves if you file for an uncontested divorce in Michigan since you:

  1. Can complete and file the necessary divorce forms on your own by following the divorce checklist, i.e., without an attorney
  2. Should list all the agreed-upon divorce aspects in a divorce settlement agreementRegister for DoNotPay to create a reliable yet pocket-friendly agreement

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