Everything You Should Know About Divorce Mediation in NC

Divorce Settlement Agreement Everything You Should Know About Divorce Mediation in NC

Divorce Mediation in NC—Fully Explained

If you want your divorce in North Carolina to go as smoothly and painlessly as possible, you and your spouse should agree on all divorce-related matters beforehand and file for an uncontested divorce. Do you have trouble seeing eye to eye? Engaging a mediator can help! DoNotPay is here to tell you all about divorce mediation in NC and help you get divorced without wasting ages in court.

We will provide you with relevant information on getting a low-cost divorce, collecting the right divorce papers, and handling a divorce without going to court. Our platform will also help you write a divorce settlement agreement in a matter of minutes.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a process that helps spouses get a friendly divorce. Spouses usually hire a mediator as a neutral third party when they can't find the middle ground regarding divorce-related issues. The goal of mediation is to get both spouses to agree on the main matters of the divorce, such as:

  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Parenting plan
  • Fair asset and property division

Mediation is the perfect way to resolve any issues you and your spouse have quietly and amicably.

What Is the Role of a Divorce Mediator in North Carolina?

A mediator is a third party that should be objective. Ideally, neither you nor your spouse should know the mediator personally. The mediator must fulfill the following duties:

  • Help spouses focus on what’s important
  • Facilitate discussions
  • Assist spouses in identifying issues

What Does a Divorce Mediation Session Look Like in NC?

Mediation typically takes a minimum of two sessions that last for around three hours. You may expect the mediator to ask you to:

  • Collect the documents and paperwork before mediation
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Fill out additional paperwork
  • Answer questions to clarify the situation
  • Explain in which aspects of divorce you and your spouse agree and disagree

Once the mediator knows your specific concerns, they will work together with you to reach an agreement that works for both of you.

The mediator might even suggest that you solve the simplest matters of your disagreement first because this will build trust between you and your spouse and help you find a compromise.

A mediation session usually looks like this:

  1. The mediator explains what you will do in sessions
  2. You give your opening statements
  3. The three of you participate in a joint discussion
  4. You reach a satisfying compromise

Pros of the Divorce Mediation in NC

Mediation has many benefits for both parties. Check out the table below to find out more:

Benefits of MediationDescription
AffordabilityMediation is a much cheaper option than a court settlement. In most cases, each spouse pays for half of the mediation costs
FairnessYou and your soon-to-be ex-partner get to decide on how to settle all the issues instead of letting the court decide on your behalf. An experienced mediator will be able to balance both of your interests and create a solution that you both will honor
ConfidentialityAnything that happens during mediation is completely confidential. Even if your case reaches court, the information that was revealed during your sessions can’t be discussed in court
Preservation of a relationshipMediation is supposed to take you through a friendly divorce, which is important if you and your partner have kids together. This process will spare everyone the stress of court trials and disputes. You and your spouse will remain civil and constructive

When Should You Consider Divorce Mediation in NC?

When you and your partner agree to allocate the assets and property equally but can’t agree on every aspect completely, mediation is the best option. Even if you don’t see eye to eye, mediation is an effective way to go through the difficult process of divorce.

Once you and your spouse reach an agreement, the mediator can help you spell out everything in a document known as a divorce settlement agreement.

Mediation isn’t necessary if you and your partner are ready and willing to work through your differences without involving a third party. Mediation sessions can be pricey so if you and your spouse can solve your issues on your own, consider doing so to save some cash.

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