How To Get a Divorce in Virginia Beach With Help From DoNotPay

Divorce Settlement Agreement How To Get a Divorce in Virginia Beach With Help From DoNotPay

Divorce in Virginia Beach Explained by DoNotPay

If your mind is made up that divorce is the route to go, you probably need everything to be over as quickly, cheaply, and painlessly as possible.

As a resident of Virginia Beach, you may have to choose between speed and convenience, though.

DoNotPay takes you through all your options for a divorce in Virginia Beach and explains how to keep the process simple!

How Does Virginia Divorce Law Work?

You can start your divorce in Virginia if one of you has been a resident of this state for at least six months.

Virginia recognizes two basic grounds for divorce, namely:

Divorce GroundsExplanation
No-faultClaiming irreconcilable differences between you and your spouse is good enough grounds, but you must live apart for 12 months before you are allowed to file
At-faultAn at-fault divorce is a viable route if you can prove your spouse is guilty of:

  • Adultery or sexual acts outside the marriage
  • A felony resulting in a prison term of a year or more
  • Abandonment
  • Physical abuse or the threat of such

While a no-fault divorce entails a long wait before you can start proceedings, the burden of proof in an at-fault case is complicated. A no-fault divorce often works out considerably easier in the long run.

If you decide on the no-fault route, the next choice you and your spouse must make is whether you want a contested or uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce will be easier, and you may be able to have your marriage dissolved without:

Filing for a Virginia Beach Divorce

To file for divorce in Virginia Beach, you need to follow these three steps:

  1. Filing divorce papers
  2. Serving the papers
  3. Preparing a settlement agreement

Filing Divorce Papers

A plaintiff in a divorce case must file the divorce papers with the clerk of the Virginia Beach divorce court. The required forms include:

  • A petition for divorce
  • Financial affidavits listing joint and separate assets, debts, income, and expenses
  • Details of your children or dependents
  • Proof that you have fulfilled the residency and separation requirements, if necessary

You will need to pay the filing fee of around $100 when you file your papers.

Serving the Papers

Once you have filed your papers, you must have them delivered to your spouse by the local sheriff or a private process server.

Your spouse must sign a form confirming that they have received the divorce forms.

Preparing a Settlement Agreement

In case your soon-to-be-ex responds to your petition for divorce signaling that they intend to contest the case, your divorce will go to trial, and your settlement will be imposed by the judge.

If you and your spouse have agreed on a friendly divorce, you can start negotiating an out-of-court settlement agreement that splits your responsibilities and finances fairly between the two of you.

What Is a Divorce Settlement Agreement?

A divorce settlement agreement is a legal document that regulates how every aspect of your married life should be split after your divorce, including:

Once the terms of your settlement agreement have been worked out, both spouses need to sign it. The judge in your case will check that it:

  • Deals with every aspect of your marriage as declared in your initial filing
  • Ensures that your children will get adequate care and support
  • Represents a fair split of your joint finances

If these criteria are met, the judge will approve your settlement, and it becomes legally binding for you and your spouse.

How To Negotiate a Settlement Agreement

Negotiating your settlement is the most complicated part of the entire Virginia Beach divorce proceedings, but it can be made simpler if you and your spouse cooperate.

You have a choice of resources to negotiate your settlement agreement, as follows:

Settlement Negotiation ResourcesExplanation
  • Lawyers can represent you and negotiate your settlement agreement on your behalf, but this can quickly become expensive.
  • Virginia attorneys charge $270 per hour on average and will often demand a hefty upfront retainer to handle your case. Uncontested divorces in Virginia cost an average of $3,900 if attorneys handle your settlement negotiations
  • If both parties agree on the major points of your settlement but need help ironing out details, you can opt for mediation, in which a trained mediator facilitates your face-to-face negotiations. This is considerably more cost-effective than using lawyers
  • If the two of you agree on your settlement, you don’t have to use any third party to set up your agreement—you can go ahead and have the document drafted for signing

Where Can You Get Your Settlement Agreement Drawn Up?

Once the negotiations are completed, you can have your settlement drafted as a legal document.

You can use lawyers to do this for you, but they will typically charge around $1,200 for the drafting and may be unwilling to cooperate if they have not been involved in the negotiation.

Various online providers offer downloadable settlement agreement templates at low cost, but you should be careful—many of these are far too generic to cover your exact requirements, and some may even be inadmissible in a Virginia court.

DoNotPay has the solution—we can create a full-fledged, customized settlement agreement for you in a few clicks!

Get Your Virginia Beach Settlement Agreement From DoNotPay!

DoNotPay wants your Virginia Beach divorce to be easy and as quick as Virginia law allows!

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Here’s how to set your divorce settlement agreement up:

  1. Sign up with DoNotPay in your web browser
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Once everything is filled in, you will have your document in an instant. You can sign it together with your spouse and have it notarized.

Even if you don’t know where to find a notary in Virginia Beach, there’s no need to panic—our online notarization service can get your documents signed and sealed online!

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