Divorce in Oregon—Alimony Questions and Settlement Concerns Answered by DoNotPay

Divorce Settlement Agreement Divorce in Oregon—Alimony Questions and Settlement Concerns Answered by DoNotPay

Worried About Your Divorce in Oregon? Alimony Concerning You? DoNotPay Can Help!

Divorce in Oregon is never a pleasant process, but you can at least try everything possible to keep the ordeal short, the costs low, and the pain at a minimum.

Alimony can feature in any divorce settlement, and you may be worried that breaking up your marriage will result in a long-term financial strain.

DoNotPay is here to clarify the facts of divorce in Oregon, alimony rulings, and settlement options to make your divorce as fair and manageable as possible!

How Does Divorce in Oregon Work?

If either you or your spouse has lived in Oregon for the past six months, you are eligible to file for divorce there. Oregon is a no-fault state, so you do not need to prove wrongdoing as grounds for divorce.

You have two no-fault divorce options under Beaver State legislation, namely:

  1. Summary dissolution
  2. Complex dissolution

Summary Dissolution

A summary dissolution allows you to get your divorce without attending court and with no need for a lawyer.

You have to fulfill the following criteria to qualify for a summary dissolution or uncontested divorce:

  • Married less than ten years
  • No minor children, and neither spouse is pregnant
  • Joint assets of less than $30,000
  • No jointly-owned real property
  • Joint debts of below $15,000
  • No claim for spousal support

Complex Dissolution

If you fall outside the above criteria, you have to file the correct papers for a complex dissolution or contested divorce.

This will require you and your spouse to appear in court, but you still have various options to keep the process simple, cheap, and pain-free.

A contested divorce can be as easy or hard as the parties make it. The worst-case scenario is that the judge in your case will have to make a ruling on your settlement, covering such elements as:

What Is Alimony, and How Is It Calculated in Oregon?

Alimony is the payment of money by one spouse to the other during and after a divorce.

The different kinds of alimony in Oregon are:

Oregon Alimony TypesExplanation
Temporary spousal supportIf one spouse needs help paying bills during the divorce process, a judge can order the other spouse to make interim payments. These will end automatically as soon as the divorce is granted
Transitional supportA spouse may need financial help to retrain for a new job or might need money to relocate to an area with better employment opportunities. This type of support is usually only used in longer-term marriages
Compensatory supportIf a spouse has made significant financial contributions to the other spouse’s earning potential, such as paying school or college fees, an Oregon judge can order some or all of that money to be repaid. This ends automatically when the ordered amount has been repaid
Spousal maintenanceIn longer-term marriages or ones where a spouse cannot support themselves due to age or disability, a judge may order long-term maintenance to be paid by the other spouse. Maintenance can last as long as a judge deems necessary

To calculate the amount and type of alimony to be granted, an Oregon judge may look at:

  • How long you were married
  • How much each of you is earning and could earn in the future
  • What skills gaps each spouse has
  • How your expenses were structured as a married couple
  • What your ages and employment prospects are

What Can You Do To Avoid Alimony Being Ordered?

If you want to avoid a court order that imposes alimony payments on you, your best course of action is to pursue a friendly divorce with your spouse before your case comes to trial.

If you can present the judge with a signed out-of-court settlement agreement at your first hearing, the judge will grant your Oregon divorce with no need for further litigation. The time to negotiate this agreement is between serving your spouse with the divorce papers and your initial court hearing.

Your settlement agreement should cover all the elements a judge would otherwise rule on and needs to be:

Where Can You Get a Settlement Agreement Prepared in Oregon?

Your options for preparing your settlement agreement are as follows:

Settlement Agreement ResourcesExplanation
LawyerIf you and your spouse engage attorneys to negotiate and draw up your settlement agreement, your costs could quickly explode. An uncontested divorce through lawyers in Oregon can cost over $4,000 per spouse.

A cheaper alternative could be to opt for mediation, in which a trained facilitator helps you negotiate face to face. Mediators in Oregon typically charge between $100 and $300 per session

Online divorce serviceIf you agree on the major points of your settlement, you can investigate the many online providers who offer settlement agreement templates for you to fill out.

You should exercise caution, though—many of these templates are too general to cover your exact needs, meaning that you risk your agreement being rejected by the judge

DoNotPay can solve the issues of cost and suitability by creating a comprehensive settlement agreement for you with no lawyers’ fees to pay!

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