Going Through a Divorce in NJ? Alimony Needs To Be Settled

Find Out About a Divorce in NJ—Alimony Is an Important Matter!

What should you pay attention to when getting a divorce in NJ? Alimony—or spousal support—is one of the key issues. DoNotPay provides valuable information on this topic.

Before filing for divorce, you’ll need to get familiar with New Jersey law. You should also decide whether to hire an attorney or go through the process alone. Keep in mind that preparing the mandatory papers and resolving issues with your spouse is a challenging endeavor.

NJ Divorce Laws on Alimony—What Types Are There?

If you’re asking for alimony, you may get one of five types of spousal support. In some cases, it’s even possible to combine them. Here’s a list of available alimony types in New Jersey:

Types of Alimony Information
Pendente lite (temporary)A judge may grant pendente lite alimony only while a divorce is pending and one spouse:
  • Needs help to cover their living expenses
  • Is financially dependent on the other spouse
Limited durationA spouse may get limited-duration alimony if they:
  1. Need time to get back on their feet and start supporting themselves after the divorce
  2. Meet the required conditions specified by the court
RehabilitativeThis type of alimony may be awarded if one spouse needs support until they:
  • Get a job
  • Finish education that will lead to employment

The court needs to approve the:

  1. Necessary steps
  2. Scope of rehabilitation
  3. Time frame for the support
ReimbursementThe court may grant reimbursement alimony if:
  • One spouse financed the other’s education during the marriage
  • The divorce happened before the latter spouse could get any financial benefits from the supported spouse’s finished education

The spouse that was financially supported during the marriage may be ordered to pay the other spouse back

PermanentThis type of alimony is:
  1. The least common
  2. Granted for long-term marriages where one spouse cannot become financially independent

While it’s called permanent, it usually continues as long as the recipients prove they cannot support themselves

Divorce in NJ—Alimony Automatically Prohibited

New Jersey law prohibits alimony to a spouse who has been convicted of an offense for causing death or serious harm, including:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Criminal homicide
  • Aggravated assault

NJ Divorce Law on Alimony Requirements

While either spouse can apply for alimony, the court doesn’t award it automatically. It first needs to assess various factors, including the following:

  • The actual need for alimony
  • A spouse’s ability to pay support to the other spouse
  • The lifestyle during the marriage and how likely it is to maintain it after the divorce
  • How long the:
    • Marriage lasted
    • Supported spouse wasn’t on the job market
  • Both spouses’:
    • Age
    • Employability
    • Professional skills
    • Educational levels
    • Parental responsibilities
    • Physical and mental health
    • Income, assets, and earning capacities
    • Financial and non-financial contributions to the marriage
  • The time and money necessary for the supported spouse to acquire education or employment
  • The division of property during the divorce

NJ Divorce Alimony Calculator

Keep in mind that there’s no precise formula for calculating and awarding spousal support.

To avoid leaving this decision to the court, you should try negotiating this matter with your spouse and reach an out-of-court settlement. Going through a friendly divorce will take less:

  1. Time since uncontested divorces don’t require complicated forms and lengthy court hearings
  2. Money as you can resolve mist issues yourself or with the help of a mediator. If you and your spouse agree on all divorce matters, you don’t have to hire a lawyer, which reduces the costs significantly

Once you and your spouse agree on all crucial points, you need to prepare a divorce settlement agreement and submit it to the court for review and approval.

Divorce in NJ—Settlement vs. Trial

Reaching an agreement with your spouse is always better than proceeding to trial, provided that open dialogue is possible.

If you need assistance, try mediation in NJ or consult a lawyer about certain issues. Not only can you finalize your quick divorce smoothly, but you can also make all the decisions yourselves.

In case you manage to arrange for an uncontested divorce, DoNotPay can help you in a few simple steps.

DoNotPay Is the Right Way To Create Divorce Settlement Agreements

Once you’ve agreed with your spouse on the important criteria of your post-divorce life—including alimony—you need to specify it in a document. DoNotPay helps in creating a divorce settlement agreement without spending a fortune on lawyer fees.

and take these steps:

  1. Enter Divorce Settlement Agreement in the search box
  2. Answer our chatbot’s questions to explain your case
  3. Provide information about your debts, income, and assets

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