Learn How To Get an Uncontested Divorce in New Mexico With Ease!

Divorce Settlement Agreement Learn How To Get an Uncontested Divorce in New Mexico With Ease!

Key Aspects of Filing for Divorce in New Mexico

Looking to file for divorce in New Mexico, but the process seems too complicated? Don’t fret! We’ll break down the entire divorce procedure and explain how to file for divorce in NM effortlessly! Sign up for DoNotPay to draw up a divorce settlement agreement and file for uncontested divorce stress-free!

New Mexico Divorce Laws—Can I File for No-Fault Divorce in New Mexico?

New Mexico allows you to file for both fault and no-fault divorce as long as you or your spouse have been an NM resident for at least six months before the divorce. Consult the table for more details on these two divorce types:

Divorce TypeExplanation
Fault divorceOne spouse blames the other for ruining the marriage. You can file for a fault divorce on the following grounds:

  • Cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Adultery
  • Abandonment
No-fault divorceSpouses don’t blame one another for getting a divorce. If you opt for a no-fault divorce, you can do it due to incompatibility. This means that you and your spouse can get divorced because of conflicts or disagreements, and when there’s no expectation you two will reconcile

Uncontested Divorce in New Mexico Deciphered

Getting a divorce doesn’t always have to be a burden.

Do you and your spouse wish to get a no-fault divorce without the procedure dragging on for years and without paying a pretty penny? You can file for a low-cost uncontested divorce and settle the divorce matters out of court in a much easier and faster way than you would with the contested one.

You will even be able to finalize the divorce without involving a lawyer, which will help you save a lot of money.

A prerequisite for the uncontested divorce is that you and your spouse agree on all aspects of separation, including alimony, child care, property division, child custody, etc.

Filing for an Uncontested Divorce in New Mexico From A to Z

To file for an uncontested divorce, you first need to prepare the necessary paperwork. Consult the list below to see what uncontested divorce papers you need to fill out:

If you have children, you will also need to get a child custody plan, a child support obligation and order, and a child support worksheet.

Once you gather the required forms, proceed with the following steps:

  1. File a dissolution of marriage petition
  2. Fill out other required forms
  3. Serve your spouse
  4. Draft a divorce settlement agreement
  5. Finalize the procedure

A Divorce Settlement Agreement Explained

Under New Mexico law, all property acquired during the marriage has to be divided equally between the spouses. If you don't want the state to decide on your and your spouse's behalf—and if you two can agree on property division terms—you should state the details in a divorce settlement agreement.

Finding a divorce mediator to help you reach an agreement can be useful. A mediator won’t make decisions in your stead but will help you and your spouse work out the differences and find a suitable solution. That way, you can avoid hiring a lawyer and still settle your divorce out of court.

A divorce settlement agreement should spell out everything that you and your spouse agree on verbally.

Do You Need a Lawyer To Draft Uncontested Divorce Documents in NM?

Hiring a lawyer to help you write a valid divorce settlement agreement or review it afterward can be useful, but it’s not necessary! You can avoid spending a ton of money on divorce attorneys and use DoNotPay to draw up your document in a few minutes.

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