Are You Thinking About Getting a Divorce in Louisiana? Here’s What Lies Ahead of You!

Divorce Settlement Agreement Are You Thinking About Getting a Divorce in Louisiana? Here’s What Lies Ahead of You!

Getting a Divorce in Louisiana Doesn’t Have To Be Long or Costly

Going through a divorce is a real hassle, but with the right help, it can go smoothly, provided you research and collect all relevant information and papers.

Divorce in Louisiana needs to comply with state law, so make sure to complete all the necessary forms and meet the deadlines.

DoNotPay presents the low-down on the divorce procedures in the Bayou State and helps you draft your divorce settlement agreement in a matter of minutes.

Divorce Law in Louisiana—Do You Meet the Residency Requirements?

Louisiana law imposes strict residency rules regarding marriage termination. You can file for divorce if either you or your spouse had had a residence in Louisiana for at least six months before the time of filing.

Keep in mind that you can initiate the process only in the parish where:

  • You or your spouse are domiciled, i.e., have established and maintained a residence
  • You were both domiciled in your marital home

Grounds for Divorce in Louisiana

A court will grant a fault-based divorce in case one spouse has committed:

  1. Adultery
  2. A felony for which they’ve been sentenced to:
    1. Death
    2. Imprisonment with hard labor

Aside from the above-listed, you’ll get a fault-based divorce in Louisiana if your spouse:

  1. Has sexually or physically abused you or your child (even if they haven’t been charged with the abuse)
  2. Has a criminal or civil protective order or injunction issued against them to protect you or your child from abuse

A Louisiana No-Fault Divorce—How Long Should You Be Separated To Get Divorced?

The separation period depends on whether you’ve got children or not. For a no-fault divorce, you need to live apart from your spouse for at least:

  • Six months if you don’t have underage children together
  • A year if you’ve got a child under 18

The above-listed periods refer to continuous time spent apart before a court can grant you a divorce.

Can You Date While Getting a Divorce in Louisiana?

You can date during your divorce proceedings, but you should be careful if you’re in a covenant marriage. The state of Louisiana has stricter requirements when it comes to this particular matrimony.

You’ll need to take extensive counseling before you’re able to officially end your marriage and move on. It’s better to check with an experienced divorce lawyer before going public with a new relationship as you don’t want to prolong your divorce or make it more complicated.

A Divorce in Louisiana—Waiting Period

Once you’ve filed the papers in court, it’ll take between 30 and 90 days for the divorce to be final. This time may vary depending on:

  • The complexity of your specific case
  • The court, i.e., their current caseload
  • Availability of judges since a judge needs to sign the Judgment of divorce (the final document)

Is There a Fast Way To Get a Louisiana Divorce?

If you’d like to get divorced as quickly as possible, you should opt for an uncontested divorce. It speeds up the process and saves a lot of money and nerves.

To benefit from a friendly divorce, you and your spouse must agree on all the terms, including child custody, assets division, and spousal support.

Spousal Support According to Louisiana Divorce Laws

You can get two types of spousal support in the state of Louisiana—the interim and final periodic. To learn more, take a look at the following details:

Interim Spousal SupportFinal Periodic Spousal Support
  • May be awarded to a still-current spouse who doesn’t have sufficient income to maintain the same living conditions during the divorce
  • Cannot last more than six months after the divorce date
Can be awarded to an ex-spouse who:

  • Has been freed from fault in the marriage breakup
  • Needs and requests the support

If you agree with your spouse on alimony and other important aspects, you can end your marriage quickly and affordably.

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