How To File for Divorce in Lake County, IL—DoNotPay Has All the Info

Divorce Settlement Agreement How To File for Divorce in Lake County, IL—DoNotPay Has All the Info

Discover How To File for Divorce in Lake County, IL, With DoNotPay

Thinking about filing for divorce in Lake County, IL, but you’re not sure how the whole process goes? You’re in the right place! We will provide all the valuable info about the divorce process in Lake County and help you draft a divorce settlement agreement in minutes.

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What Types of Divorce Are There in Lake County, Illinois?

Divorce in Illinois is also called a dissolution of marriage. There are three types of divorce processes in Lake County. Check out the table below for details:

Type of DivorceExplanation
Contested dissolution of marriageA contested divorce happens when the two parties cannot reach a compromise on crucial divorce matters. It’s usually the most expensive option since it involves courts, lawyers, and sometimes mediation
Uncontested dissolution of marriageAn uncontested dissolution is possible when both spouses agree on all points of the divorce, including:

Getting an uncontested divorce in Illinois is a cheaper and quicker option since it doesn’t require lawyers and numerous court hearings

Joint simplified dissolution of marriageA joint simplified dissolution of marriage requires both spouses to file for divorce together. This is the fastest way to get divorced in Illinois, but not everyone qualifies for it.

To qualify for this type of dissolution, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You and your spouse must have been married for less than eight years
  • You must have no children, and neither of you should be pregnant
  • The joint annual gross income from all sources must be less than $35,000
  • Neither party can have a gross annual income that exceeds $20,000
  • The joint value of the marital property must be less than $10,000
  • Neither party can own real estate
  • Both parties need to agree on all divorce terms and conditions

How To File for an Uncontested Divorce in Lake County, IL

Do you wish your divorce to go as smoothly as possible without involving lawyers, but you don't qualify for a joint simplified dissolution? You should consider filing for a no-fault, uncontested divorce in Lake County, IL. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Engage a mediator (if you and your spouse can’t reach an agreement on your own)
  2. Obtain and fill out the necessary forms
  3. Get the documents notarized
  4. File the paperwork with the circuit court
  5. Pay the filing fee
  6. Serve your spouse
  7. Draw up a divorce settlement agreement

Which Documents Do You Need for an Uncontested Lake County Divorce?

If you want to file for an uncontested divorce in Lake County, you’ll need the following forms:

  • Certificate of Attorney-Family Division #171-365
  • Petition for Dissolution #171-470
  • Appearance (which the respondent fills out) #171-8
  • Stipulation for Uncontested Hearing #171-345
  • Judgment—Dissolution of Marriage #171-411

In case you have underage children, you will need these forms as well:

  • Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act #171-145
  • Parenting Plan #171-480

Use a Divorce Settlement Agreement To Spell Out the Terms of Your Divorce

One of the main requirements for an uncontested divorce is that you and your spouse need to agree on divorce-related matters beforehand. That’s why you need to create a divorce settlement agreement to outline the previously agreed-upon terms—such as spousal support, parenting plan, division of assets and liabilities, and similar—and avoid misunderstandings.

For a divorce settlement agreement to be valid, the document must be written according to the laws of the county you're filing for divorce in.

One of the options is to search for divorce settlement agreements online. While affordable, this method is rather risky. If you decide to use an online template, you risk creating a document that might not comply with your county laws, which could cause problems for you in the future.

Another solution is to engage a lawyer to write a divorce settlement agreement, but they typically charge a hefty fee.

DoNotPay offers you a far more affordable option—we can draw up a well-written, customized divorce settlement agreement for you in the blink of an eye.

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