Learn How Divorce in Idaho Works With DoNotPay’s Help

Divorce Settlement Agreement Learn How Divorce in Idaho Works With DoNotPay’s Help

Filing for Divorce in Idaho Without Much Trouble

If your marriage comes to an end, there is no other option than to file for divorce and move on. It is up to the couple how the entire process will go and how long it will last. DoNotPay can provide you with handy tips and tricks on handling a divorce in Idaho as painlessly as possible.

What Is a Legit Divorce Cause in Idaho?

Idaho is a state that has both a no-fault and fault-based divorce. A no-fault marriage termination allows the person filing for divorce to name “irreconcilable differences” as the reason. Other grounds for divorce in the case of a fault-based variant include:

  • Adultery
  • Cruelty
  • Drunkenness
  • Felony conviction
  • Permanent insanity

What Idaho Divorce Forms Will You Need?

You will need to gather and complete different forms to get a divorce in Idaho, depending on your situation. Take a look at the following table for more information on mandatory papers:

If You Have Underage ChildrenIf You Don’t Have Underage ChildrenIf You Don’t Know Your Spouse’s Whereabouts
  • Petition for divorce, CAO D 1-5
  • Summons, CAO FL 1-3
  • Parenting plan, CAO FL-3
  • Order to attend divorce orientation/parenting workshop
  • Child support worksheet, CAO FL 1-12 or 1-13
  • Affidavit verifying income (child support), CAO FL 1-11
  • Petition for divorce CAO D 1-6 (no minor children)
  • Certificate of divorce or annulment, HWH-611
  • Family law case information sheet, CAO FL 1-1
  • Motion and affidavit for service by publication, CAO FLPi 1-5
  • Order for service, CAO FLPi 1-6
  • Summons by publication, CAO FLPi 1-4
  • Affidavit of mailing per order for publication, CAO FLPi 2-3

How To File for Divorce in Idaho

To end your marriage in Idaho, you must follow the Gem State law regulating the process. Here are the steps to take to file for divorce:

  1. Talk to an attorney—If you need legal advice, it is always best to consult a lawyer about the issue. You can call 208-334-4500—Idaho State Bar Lawyer Referral Service—for the name of an attorney in your vicinity
  2. Collect and complete the necessary forms—You will need to gather the required forms and fill them out accordingly
  3. Make copies of the forms—You should have the forms reviewed at the Court Assistance Office (CAO). You will need two copies of each completed set of CAO forms
  4. File the forms with the clerk—You must take the original documents and the copies to the clerk. Make sure to keep the ones you get back
  5. Serve your spouse—You can mail or take the documents to your spouse in person

How Long Is the Idaho Divorce Waiting Period?

In Idaho, you will need to wait at least 21 days after the petition service date before a divorce can be granted. When an agreement cannot be reached, it usually takes six months before the judge signs the decree of divorce and your case is resolved.

What Are the Residency Requirements for a Divorce in Idaho?

You must be an Idaho resident for at least six weeks before filing for divorce in the Gem State.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Idaho?

The cost of a divorce in Idaho will be at least $207, which covers the basic fees. This amount does not include service or attorney fees. If you want a low-cost marriage termination, try to negotiate with your spouse and get an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce in Idaho—Why Is It a Good Choice?

An uncontested divorce is possible when the spouses are on the same page and want to part ways amicably. The couple needs to agree on important decisions regarding their split, including:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Support
  • Property settlement
  • Debt payment

You should specify all the terms in a divorce settlement agreement, and if you managed to agree on the uncontested marriage termination, DoNotPay can draft the document for you.

Use DoNotPay To Create a Divorce Settlement Agreement in Idaho

If you want an airtight divorce settlement agreement protecting your interests, turn to DoNotPay for help. Our process is straightforward:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Select our Divorce Settlement Agreement product
  3. Answer essential questions about your spouse and children
  4. Tell us more about your income and financial assets

In case you want to get the document notarized, let us know, and we'll connect you with an online notary immediately.

DoNotPay excels at divorce-related paperwork, so rely on us to explain how:

You can use our knowledge base as your go-to resource for any information that you may need during the process.

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