Divorce in Georgia—Alimony Details Broken Down

Divorce Settlement Agreement Divorce in Georgia—Alimony Details Broken Down

Divorce in Georgia and Alimony Don’t Have To Go Hand in Hand

Getting through a divorce is challenging and complex when you’re not sure what to expect and how to act. You should get to know the procedure, paperwork, and steps to prepare well and file for divorce correctly.

When getting a divorce in Georgia, alimony is one of the issues you need to negotiate with your spouse. DoNotPay offers the intel for you to know your rights and obligations. We will also help you finalize the divorce as painlessly as possible by generating a marital settlement agreement on your behalf!

Georgia Divorce Laws on Alimony

Alimony—or spousal support—is not a guaranteed aspect of divorce in GA, and you will not get one in case of adultery, abandonment, or other similar circumstances.

The court in Georgia commonly awards alimony to a spouse who has:

  • Minimal or no income capabilities and potential
  • Been in a long-term marriage for more than ten years

What You Should Know About the Alimony Eligibility Criteria

Here’s a list of factors the court will take into account when deciding on your request for spousal support:

  • Duration of marriage
  • Contributions to the marriage
  • Living standard during the marriage

Besides the above-listed, each spouse’s situation will be assessed in the following way:

  1. For the receiving spouse—The age, earning capacity, physical and mental condition
  2. For the paying spouse—Debts, earning potential, income, and financial situation

Alimony Types

The court can award two types of alimony—temporary or permanent. This table presents the specifics:

Temporary AlimonyPermanent Alimony
A spouse can receive it:

  • Only during the divorce process
  • If the spouse doesn’t have any income and lives alone
  • On a weekly or monthly basis
While referred to as permanent alimony, a spouse will receive it for a limited period, i.e., until they become self-sufficient and, e.g.:

  1. Find a job
  2. Complete necessary medical treatment
  3. Graduate or complete training to secure employment

Keep in mind that the alimony amount can be modified if a spouse’s income or other financial circumstances change.

Alimony Amounts in Georgia

The amount of alimony in Georgia is not fixed, and there are no calculation formulas the court uses.

If you and your spouse don’t reach an out-of-court settlement regarding alimony and other divorce issues—including child custody and support and the division of property—a judge will make a decision on your behalf.

To get the best possible terms, you should sit down with your spouse and negotiate all matters. In this case, you can file for an uncontested divorce (with children) and finalize the process fast without:

Alimony Payment in Georgia Explained

The court can order:

  1. Periodic payments on a weekly or monthly basis—In most cases, the court issues an income deduction order
  2. One lump-sum payment—This rarely happens as not a lot of paying spouses have enough financial means to hand over a hefty amount to the receiving spouse

What Happens if an Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Pay Alimony

As spousal support is mandated by the court, failure to settle it may lead to the court issuing fines, penalties, liens on property, or even jail time if:

  • The payment is habitually late
  • The paying spouse refuses to pay the required amount

To avoid potential complications and lengthy divorce procedures, you and your spouse should negotiate and agree on all issues before filing the papers with the court. This type of friendly and uncontested divorce is the least complicated, expensive, and lengthy process.

You can prepare a divorce settlement agreement and other necessary forms and finalize everything without a lawyer. If you need assistance, you could:

  1. Hire a mediator to help you and your spouse resolve some issues
  2. Register for DoNotPay to create a solid divorce settlement agreement without trouble

Use DoNotPay To Prepare a Reliable Divorce Settlement Agreement

Once you’ve agreed with your spouse on all important aspects of your post-divorce life, you need to list everything in a divorce settlement agreement. You will need to present the document to the court for review and approval.

Subscribe to DoNotPay and take the following steps to create your document:

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  3. Enter information on debts, income, and assets

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