Divorce in AZ—Alimony Ins and Outs

Divorce Settlement Agreement Divorce in AZ—Alimony Ins and Outs

Divorce in AZ—Alimony Criteria and Other Details

If you’re planning to get a divorce, alimony is one of the crucial factors you and your spouse should agree on. Before you file for a dissolution of marriage, you must get acquainted with Arizona state laws and your rights. Doing so will help you get fair treatment and end your union on a friendly note.

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Arizona Divorce Laws—Alimony Explained

Financial support is one of the major items to discuss when ending a marriage. If one spouse has a higher income, a judge may order them to support their lesser-earning partner financially. That way, neither spouse will struggle to pay for regular living expenses during or after the divorce.

You can get one of two types of spousal support in Arizona—temporary and permanent. The type you’ll be granted depends on where you stand during the divorce proceedings. Take a look at the table below for further clarification:

Temporary Alimony Permanent Alimony
Judges may award temporary financial support to one spouse to ensure they will remain financially stable during or for some time after the divorce. They typically grant them to spouses who have given up their jobs to:

  • Raise a family
  • Enable the other spouse to improve their career

Temporary alimony serves to give the lesser-earning spouse a chance to work on becoming financially independent. It typically lasts:

  • Until the divorce is finalized
  • For a period determined by the judge
Arizona courts allow permanent alimony when the maintained spouse is unable to gain financial independence due to:

  • Age
  • Illness
  • Disability

The permanent alimony automatically ends when:

  • A spouse remarries
  • One or both spouses die
  • There’s a substantial change in circumstances making the alimony unnecessary

Am I Eligible for the Arizona Divorce Spousal Support?

Before filing for alimony in Arizona, the requesting party must prove:

  • Their need for support
  • Other partner’s ability to maintain them

The court will consider granting alimony to the requesting spouse if they:

  • Lack sufficient property (even after the distribution during the divorce) to be financially independent
  • Don’t have a job that allows them to cover their day-to-day expenses
  • Have enabled the other spouse to increase their earning ability by contributing to their:
    • Training
    • Education
    • Vocational skills
  • Have decreased their own earrings or sacrificed career opportunities for the higher-earning spouse’s benefit
  • Can’t find employment due to old age

What Will the Court in Arizona Consider When Deciding on Alimony?

Once the judge deems that spousal support is necessary, they will have to consider specific factors before setting the amount and duration. The courts in Arizona don’t have a set formula when calculating alimony—they do it based on the following:

  1. Marriage length
  2. Couple’s standard of living
  3. Each spouse’s:
    1. Age
    2. Employment history
    3. Earning ability
    4. Physical and emotional health
  4. Paying spouse’s ability to support both parties financially
  5. Comparative financial records of both spouses
  6. Either spouse’s potential fraudulent behavior regarding jointly-held property (concealment or excessive spending)
  7. Cost of both spouses’ health insurance
  8. Extent to which the requesting spouse contributed to the paying spouse’s earning ability
  9. Time necessary for the requesting spouse to find employment enabling them to support themselves
  10. Spouses’ capacity to financially support their children’s education after the divorce
  11. Low-earning spouse’s capability to eventually become financially independent
  12. Potential behavior that led to a criminal conviction of either spouse

Do We Have To Involve the Court?

Bear in mind that you and your spouse can work out the duration and amount of spousal support without the judge’s involvement. If you are eager to complete the divorce procedure as fast as possible and with as little expense, you can file for an uncontested divorce. That implies:

There’s no need to rely on expensive lawyers or sketchy online divorce services.

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