How To Find Reliable Divorce Agreement Samples

Standardized Legal Documents How To Find Reliable Divorce Agreement Samples

Discover the Ultimate Divorce Agreements Samples With DoNotPay

If you are about to legally separate from your spouse, you need to sign a divorce agreement. This document is more than a list of spouses’ split items. A divorce agreement outlines the crucial terms of the settlement and must comply with particular state laws.

If you want to know what constitutes reliable divorce agreement samples, DoNotPay is at your disposal. We will also help you find other contract templates you can rely on! 

What Is a Divorce Agreement?

A divorce agreement is a contract in which two spouses agree on the terms of their divorce. This legal document should cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony 
  • Division of the property and debts

You should use a divorce agreement if you and your spouse have already reached an understanding on the above-mentioned issues. That way, the judge doesn’t have to make the decisions for you.

The court still has to approve the agreement, especially if children are involved. Make sure to divide the property equally and prioritize the children's best interest.

When Should You Use a Divorce Agreement?

You should use a divorce agreement when you and your spouse:

  1. Are still in contact
  2. Have been negotiating the terms of the divorce for some time and want to create a property division plan
  3. Have already decided to divorce and agreed on how you want to divide property and assets
  4. Plan to meet the attorney together and prepare a proposition for the division of the property 

Which Sections Should Reliable Divorce Agreement Samples Include?

Creating a divorce agreement is a serious undertaking. It has to be as specific as possible and comply with state law. If you make a mistake or omit an important element, the court may reject the agreement. Check out all mandatory sections of a divorce agreement in the table below:

Elements of a Divorce Agreement


Involved partiesThe agreement needs to include the names of the involved parties, including the spouses, children, and attorneys
The subject of the agreementSpecific sections in the agreement have to address:

  • Division of the property and debts
  • Access to the children, including visitations, support, and custody
State jurisdictionYou should indicate the state and county where the divorce is taking place
DateThe agreement has to specify the date of the divorce, signed by the judge
Reasons for the divorceThis section of the agreement should list grounds for the divorce, including adultery, unreasonable behavior, irreconcilable differences, etc.
Closing documentsYou should provide additional closing documentation, such as special warranty deeds and powers of attorney

Does a Divorce Agreement Have To Be Notarized?

It is recommendable to get a divorce agreement notarized. The act provides an extra level of security for the involved parties. Notarization confirms the identity of both spouses and proves they weren’t forced into entering the agreement.

Tips for Finding Reliable Divorce Agreement Samples

You can find divorce agreement samples online. If you type in the required keyword, your browser will display numerous options to choose from. Before deciding on one, make sure the template:

  • Appears professional
  • Contains all the crucial sections that we mentioned above
  • Is easy to read, understand, and customize
  • Is free 

Every divorce is different, so you should be careful when customizing the agreement template. If you can’t afford a lawyer to draft the agreement for you, you should at least hire them to look over the agreement you made. That way, you will confirm that the agreement is enforceable without paying the full price of legal services.

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