Everything You Have To Know About Depression Clinical Trials

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Everything You Have To Know About Depression Clinical Trials

The number of people struggling with depression, of which there are almost 20 million a year, speaks volumes about how advanced this disease has become.

Having the urge to save human lives from downfalls and improve the way of fighting depression, countless world organizations have turned to the clinical trial method. Thanks to this initiative, studies like these are available for participants worldwide and it’s easy to find them.

What Are Depression Clinical Trials?

Just like it is with other serious illnesses that cause the deaths of millions of people, fighting depression requires plenty of hard work and efficiency. Without clinical trials, the treatment of this mental disorder would be at a dead end, with no hope of improvement.

These studies represent specific medical tests that explore the effects that a certain, still unauthorized drug or therapy has on patients, depending on the type of the condition. The examinations usually include a convenient incentive proportional to the study complexity.

Who Can Participate in Clinical Depression Studies?

Since it’s impossible to see the true effect of drugs on healthy individuals, only those who are struggling with depression are eligible for these trials.

Due to the specific nature of the disease, which has several forms, the desirable profile of the participants depends on their condition and the purpose of the study itself. Some drugs or types of therapy are tested only for a certain kind of depression. Such examinations require contributors who are experiencing specific symptoms related to that type.

What Are the Major Reasons for Participating in Clinical Trials for Depression?

The effects of this type of study can be various and, as in any similar endeavor, a certain percentage of risk is always there. If we rely on experiences to date, the tested patients have made significant progress in most cases. If in doubt about participation, here are some good sides of depression clinical studies:

  • In case you aren’t responding to the drugs you’re using at the moment, you might get the chance to try some that might work
  • If the drugs you’re using at the moment cause some irritating consequences or unwanted effects, you will be able to try another one that might mitigate these symptoms
  • If you contribute to achieving better results and finding an adequate cure, the clinical trial will have a beneficial effect on other people’s lives and health as well
  • In case you decide to participate, you will have the opportunity to try out some treatment options that aren’t available to everyone

What Does a Depression Clinical Trial Look Like?

The phases of a depression clinical study are as follows:

  1. Stage 0—Preparatory examinations that include animal testing and determining the course of the procedure
  2. Stage I—Testing on a small number of participants to determine first drug reactions, an optimal dose, and potential side effects
  3. Stage II—Increasing the number of respondents to several hundred and testing in the same conditions
  4. Stage III—Increasing the number of respondents to up to several thousand and determining additional features of therapy in comparison to existing alternatives

How Does a Researcher Protect the Participants?

The examination organizers do their best to acquaint the candidates with the propositions and answer all potential dilemmas using a form of informed consent. This document serves instead of a contract and describes all the elements involved in the clinical trial in question.

This way, the candidates can determine whether they are ready to meet all the prescribed requirements. In case they are, they sign the document, reserving the right to leave the examination in case it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Apart from being a part of the protocol, informed consent guarantees the privacy of your data and the most favorable conditions for conducting the study.

Another great aspect of this process are the institutional review boards that lead the trial process. They are obliged to monitor the process at all times and reduce the potential risks as much as possible.

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Other Ways To Find Available Depression Clinical Studies

In case you prefer searching on your own, we suggest a couple of verified organization websites where you can find clinical trials:


Available Features

National Institute of Mental Health

  • Detailed descriptions
  • Available names of the researchers


  • Future studies included
  • Over 350,000 studies throughout the USA
  • Advanced search possibility

UCSF Clinical Trials

  • More than 1,700 available studies
  • Basic clinical trial info provided


  • Various filters including phase, distance, or study type
  • Useful and up-to-date email newsletters

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