How To Write a Demand Letter Without Delay

Breach of Contract How To Write a Demand Letter Without Delay

Create a Demand Letter Without Wasting Your Energy and Money

A breach of contract is common in business deals and can happen for different reasons, but it does not mean that you should give up on what you have agreed on in the contract.

Resolving an issue without going to court is beneficial to both parties. You should explore various remedies and warn the other party by sending a demand letter before starting litigation.

This article explains how you can prepare a demand letter without spending a lot of time, money, and energy.

What Is a Demand Letter?

A demand letter is a document used to request the recipient of the letter to take or end a particular action. The purpose of a breach of contract demand letter is to:

Why Should You Create a Legal Demand Letter?

You should create a demand letter because it:

  1. Explains to the other party—i.e., a prospective defendant—that:
    1. Their chance of success in litigation is low (unless the other party raises affirmative defenses)
    2. Litigation is expensive, inconvenient, and time-consuming
  2. Creates a paper trail that:
    1. Proves you have tried to mitigate the harm caused by the breach
    2. Can serve as evidence for your small claims court case

A demand letter usually states the:

Keep in mind that according to some statutes, you have to send a demand letter to a prospective defendant before you can claim a viable cause of action.

Benefits of Writing a Demand Letter

Even if your state’s statute doesn’t require making a demand letter before filing a lawsuit, you should consider writing it since this document:

  1. Accelerates case settlement—A solid and clear demand letter can make the other party understand that you:
    1. Will invest energy, money, and time to resolve the issue
    2. Are ready to defend your case even if it means taking it to court
    3. Have a good chance of winning the case
  2. Helps you gather evidence—Drafting a demand letter makes your position clear and provides:
    1. Evidence for court
    2. Data and legal and other aspects you will need to justify your position in court

How To Write a Demand Letter

To create a demand letter, you should follow the tips presented in the following table:

How To Write a Legal Demand LetterSpecifics
Present the factsWhile you might believe that the recipient of the letter is already familiar with all the data, you need to remind them about contractual terms and conditions since they:

  • Support your case
  • Will be used as evidence in court

Keep in mind that you should make a list of all steps you have taken to try to settle the dispute with the defendant, including, for instance:

  • Phone calls
  • Unanswered or refused calls
Be formal and politeRegardless of how angry you might feel, you should keep a polite and neutral tone throughout your demand letter to:

  1. Avoid provoking the opponent
  2. Show the confidence you have in your position
  3. Present your arguments and yourself in a professional manner to the judge (if your case ends up in court)

Should You Rely on a Demand Letter Sample When Creating Your Letter?

While you can find numerous demand letter templates and samples online, you should keep in mind that most of them are too generic and might not fulfill the case-specific aspects and requirements.

To avoid confusion and potential delay, you need to include the following in your demand letter:

  • Your demands—You need to be precise about your requirements. It means you should:
    • List all losses you have suffered
    • Include the exact figure you are asking for
  • The deadline—A demand letter needs to set a deadline you are giving your opponent to pay the damages before you take them to court

Ways To Prepare a Demand Letter

To draft a demand letter, you can:

  • Hire a lawyer—While any attorney can prepare a demand letter, hiring one is probably the most expensive option
  • Head to a collection agency—If you decide to hire a debt collector, they will charge you between 25 to 50 percent of the total collected amount
  • Do it yourself—If you do not have enough knowledge, you could:
    • Omit some important parts
    • Cause additional problems instead of resolving the issue

You do not have to spend a lot of money on an attorney or debt collector. There is also no need to spend time or energy trying to understand state laws—register for DoNotPay to create a reliable demand letter efficiently and smoothly.

Use DoNotPay To Generate a Watertight Demand Letter

DoNotPay is familiar with state laws and good practices, and we make sure your demand letter:

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Find Out About State-Specific Laws on Breach of Contract

If you want to explore the breach of contract topic further, you should browse through our website. DoNotPay provides some useful guides and answers questions, such as:

You might find the following table helpful if you would like to learn about specific regulations in different states:

ColoradoNew YorkIllinois
VirginiaNew JerseyOhio
South CarolinaNorth CarolinaFlorida

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