Struggling To Create a Top-Grade Delaware Advance Directive? Learn How To Do It With DoNotPay

Advance Health Care Directive Struggling To Create a Top-Grade Delaware Advance Directive? Learn How To Do It With DoNotPay

An ABC Guide to Making a Solid Delaware Advance Directive

There is no better way of safeguarding your health-associated interests in Delaware than preparing a solid advance directive. If you have heard about this document but still don’t know much about it, we can help!

This article deciphers a Delaware advance directive by solving the following dilemmas:

What Is a Delaware Advance Health Care Directive?

As per Delaware Code, an advance directive informs medical staff and your family about your health care wishes if you’re unable to express them.

Any adult can prepare this document while they are still in good physical and mental condition. It comes into effect only if a designated physician can confirm that you’ve lost the ability to make decisions for yourself.

Signing Requirements for an Advance Directive in Delaware

To prepare a proper Delaware advance directive, you must:

  1. Create it as a written document
  2. Sign it yourself or authorize another person to do it for you (if you can’t)
  3. Include the exact signature date
  4. Have two or more witnesses who can’t be your:
    1. Heirs
    2. Relatives
    3. Health care financier
    4. Nursing home/care facility operator

Elements of a Delaware Advance Directive Form

Delaware proposes two main types of advance health care directives:

  1. Power of attorney for health care (or a Delaware medical power of attorney)
  2. Instructions for health care (or a Delaware living will)

In most cases, these two forms are combined in a single document. Here’s a table providing more details:

Power of attorney for health care
  • Enables you to designate a person of trust as your agent—grant them the rights to make health-associated choices in your stead
  • Designation statement
  • Legal name, address, and phone number of the designated agent
  • Legal name, address, and contact details of the alternate agent that can decide for you if the primary agent can’t do it
  • Agent’s authority information
  • Conditions in which the document becomes effective
  • Nomination of guardian
Instructions for health careSpells out all your medical preferences, personal values, and beliefs. In this document, you can address your wishes related to:

  • Life support
  • End-of-life care
  • Artificial nutrition
  • Medical staff selection
  • Nursery home/hospice care facility selection
  • Medications
  • Surgeries and other treatments
  • Organ donation
  • Anatomical gifts
  • Disposal of your remains
  • End-of-life decisions, including:
    • Choice not to prolong life
    • Choice to prolong life
  • Relief from pain
  • Additional medical instructions
  • Information on providing anatomical gifts at death
  • Designation of the primary physician
  • Effect of copy
  • Your signature
  • Names, addresses, signatures, and statements of the chosen witnesses
  • Applicable law

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