DeKalb County Property Tax Exemptions Explained

Green Community Living for Less With DeKalb County Property Tax Exemptions

DeKalb County, GA, is known as a pleasant suburban district that has won awards for its fuel, energy, and water conservation efforts.

Conservation and green living are high on the agenda in DeKalb County, and its property values are increasing exponentially, although homeownership remains below the national average at 55%.

Property tax rates vary across the county, but they average out at 1.07%, which is exactly the U.S. average rate. There are still people in DeKalb County who are looking to reduce their property taxes, secure tax discounts, or get help with paying their property tax bill.

thinks you should look for any opportunity you can find to reduce your property tax, and we are the top source of advice for homeowners in DeKalb County to ease the property tax burden.

How Does Property Tax in DeKalb County Work?

DeKalb County administers property tax collection according to the guidelines set out by the state, and your property tax bill is calculated using two elements:

  1. Tax rate
  2. Property assessment

Tax Rate

DeKalb County sets its tax rate according to the funds it needs to pay for:

  • Police
  • Fire department
  • Road upkeep
  • Schools
  • Civic projects and facilities

DeKalb County’s tax rate varies widely in different cities in the county, as follows:

CityMedian Home ValueMedian Property Tax BillTax Rate
Avondale Estates$349,500$4,0001.14%
Belvedere Park$132,800$1,1900.90%
Druid Hills$573,400$5,8241.02%
Gresham Park$117,700$1,0430.89%
North Decatur$281,600$3,1481.12%
North Druid Hills$354,500$3,9511.11%
Pine Lake$177,000$2,5131.42%
Stone Mountain$104,900$1,5301.46%

Across the whole county, higher tax rates are usually offset by lower median home values, so property tax calculations remain fair.

Property Assessment

DeKalb County assesses your property annually, and this may include a physical assessment if you have just bought your property or the housing market in your area has been active.

The assessors collect all the relevant data about your home and compare it to similar properties in your area, using the sales-based assessment approach. If your area has seen sharp price rises recently, you can expect your property assessment to go up in the next year.

The DeKalb County Property Appraisal Office aims to be fair and equitable in all its appraisals and comprises a Board of Assessors to appraise real estate.

These two elements determine your property tax bill, which is calculated by multiplying your tax rate by your assessed value. While DeKalb may not be in a state with low property tax, the process of working out your tax bill is transparent and understandable.

Does DeKalb County Offer Property Tax Exemptions?

Several exemptions are available to help you get some relief on your property tax:


Basic homestead exemption

All homeowners who use the property as their primary residence can apply for this exemption, which offers:
  • $12,500 off your assessed value for school district property tax
  • A further $10,000 exemption for county levies
Property assessment freezeAn additional option in DeKalb is to apply for a freeze on the assessed value of your property to guard against future property value increases
Line of duty exemptionSurviving unremarried spouses of police or fire department employees killed in the line of duty can apply for a 100% exemption from property tax
Disabled veteran exemptionDisabled veterans or their surviving unremarried spouses may be eligible for this exemption, which offers additional reductions in your assessed property value
Disabled exemptionDisabled persons may be eligible for a reduction in their property assessment, depending on the grade of their disability
Senior exemptionSenior citizens over 62 can apply for a range of exemptions, depending on their annual income and assets

How Can You Claim a Property Tax Exemption in DeKalb County?

Applying for exemptions can be a complex process, but DoNotPay is here to help you understand how to get the most out of DeKalb County.

Our app can generate customized advice for you in the form of a property guide, which comes in two sections:

  1. Property tax exemptions
  2. Property assessment appeals

Property Tax Exemptions

This section shows you what exemptions are available in your area, what documents you need to have on hand, and where you can apply.

Property Assessment Appeals

In this section, you get advice on how to work with your local assessor and how to appeal an unfair assessment.

How Can You Get DoNotPay’s Property Guide?

You can get your personalized property guide easily by following these steps:

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DoNotPay Helps You Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

If all your other routes have been explored, you can consider launching an appeal to have your property’s assessed value reduced.

DoNotPay is here to help with your appeal. We can give you advice on

  • How the appeal process works
  • What documents you need
  • Where to appeal

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