How to Access DeKalb County Building Permits

Planning Permissions How to Access DeKalb County Building Permits

DeKalb County Building Permits: Now Easier to Access Than Ever!

If you're planning some new construction or renovations on your home or property, you may need some . Then again, your project may not require one.

Not every type of project in DeKalb County necessarily needs a building permit. However, unless you do a bit of digging, you may find yourself running amok, potentially on the hook for fees and other negative consequences.

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When Do I Need a Building Permit in DeKalb County?

In general, most building and improvement projects in DeKalb County will require you to obtain a building permit before you begin your project.

Projects That Will Require PermitsThe vast majority of construction and alteration projects will require you to get some sort of permit. In DeKalb County, any changes to a building or structure will require a building permit. This could include renovation, adding a deck, re-roofing a building, or even changing the use or occupancy of that building. (DeKalb County)
Projects That Do Not Require PermitsIn DeKalb county, though most projects require you to get a building permit first, projects that are considered "alterations" may be completed without a permit. For example, if you are a homeowner, that would include

  • Work that does not expand the square footage
  • Painting the internals or externals
  • Replacing the carpet

More information about exceptions to the permitting requirements can be found via the county's website. But as you can see, most building projects do require permits.

How to Get a Building Permit in DeKalb County

As you investigate how to get a building permit in DeKalb County, you will discover that although the permit offices aren't always open to the public, they do accept applications via their ePermitting portal.

When you apply for an ePermit, you will work through the following steps:

  1. Preparing and Submitting. First, you will navigate the county website to determine which permit you need. You will then download the appropriate checklist and use it to gather all the information and details you need in order to submit your application. These details could include plans, drawings, details about the property, contractors(s), and similar information. This is a time-consuming and detail-oriented step, and one that requires you to get your facts gathered ahead of time.
  2. Processing and Paying. Once your permit request is submitted, a county employee will be tasked with addressing it. The fee you pay will depend on the type of permit you are requesting.
  3. Reviewing and Issuing. The bigger your project, the more likely it will require an official review. Should this step be required, you may wait a bit longer for your approval. If there is no review required, your building permit will be e-mailed to you directly.

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Access DeKalb County Building Permits With DoNotPay

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If you want to apply for a building permit in DeKalb County but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Planning Permissions product on DoNotPay.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    1. Check whether your project needs a building permit or if it's exempt
    2. Generate a permission request letter to send to your HOA
    3. Generate a guide on how to complete the building permit application
  3. Choose the focus of your project (new ADU, pool, shed, fence, etc.) and answer a few questions about your plans, including the size of the structure and estimated cost.

  4. Indicate whether you're hiring a contractor and include the estimated start date and timeline for the project.
  5. Indicate whether any public sidewalk/street space will be used during construction.
  6. And that's it! DoNotPay will help guide you through the building permit process by checking if your project needs a building permit, contacting any HOAs you're a part of to request building permission, or generating detailed instructions on how to start and complete your building permit application process.

This simple method has been used by many to obtain their building products quickly.

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