How To Write Definitive Agreements in 5 Minutes

Standardized Legal Documents How To Write Definitive Agreements in 5 Minutes

Learn To Write Definitive Agreements Like a Pro

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What Is a Definitive Agreement?

Definitive agreements, also known as stock purchase agreements, are contracts signed between two or more parties—buyers and sellers. The contract should outline all the duties and terms that the parties agree on and set the ground rules for everyone.

The agreement usually covers company assets, such as stocks. You can also use a definitive agreement to transfer company ownership from one party to another.

This agreement is used as a final contract between the parties, which means that any contracts that the parties made in the past—written or verbal—are superseded with a definitive agreement.

Are Definitive Agreements Legally Binding?

A definitive agreement is legally binding. If the parties involved don’t follow the terms of the agreement, they will face repercussions. That means that if a party breaches a legally binding contract, a counterparty will have grounds to sue.

Notarizing the contract isn’t mandatory, but it can help. In case that you need to use the contract to fight claims or disputes, a notarized contract will have a better standing in court.

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What Should I Include in a Definitive Agreement?

Check out this list of clauses your definitive agreement must state:

  1. Buyer and seller
  2. Price and type of transaction
  3. Representations and warranties
  4. Solicitation and financing
  5. Termination

Buyer and Seller Information

You need to state the names of both the buyer and the seller at the beginning of the agreement. Add the addresses of both parties and follow it up with the date of signing.

Price and Type of Transaction

In this section, you should spell out every relevant detail regarding prices and expenses. Determine the exact exchange ratios, earn-outs, and go into detail about anything else that impacts the company and/or other parties.

Representations and Warranties

Parties should state their representations and place a warranty on each of them. Representations are essentially facts that a party (usually the seller) states to convince the other party (the buyer) into entering the agreement. An example of this would be a statement that the seller is in compliance with certain government regulations.

The buyer can also provide representations, but that is less common in practice.

Solicitation and Financing

Solicitation refers to whether the company can consider alternative offers from other parties or not. As for the financing, elaborate on where the funding comes from.

If there’s a debt involved, you have to disclose all about it in this section.


You have to reach an agreement on what happens if a party wants to terminate the agreement early. Include details such as:

  • Under what terms the agreement can be terminated early
  • How much notice a party has to give before the termination
  • How the termination fee will be paid if no notice is given

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