How to Reduce Fees and Charges from the ICICI Bank

Fight Bank Fees How to Reduce Fees and Charges from the ICICI Bank

Can You Get Debit Card Fees Waived From ICICI Bank?

ICICI Bank is a multinational bank based in India, though it also has three U.S. locations. If you're an American living in India, it may be useful to have one of these bank accounts. Debit card fees from ICICI Bank can be confusing when you're dealing with international currencies!

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What are Debit Card Fees?

The majority of banks don't charge extra if you request a debit card to manage your checking account. However, that doesn't mean that these cards are completely free to use! You may incur fees in certain situations, including:

Debit Card Cash Advance

You can use a debit card cash advance to bypass the monetary limit of ATM withdrawals. This service is not free, even if you use an ATM associated with your bank. For example, PNC charges $3-$5 for every cash advance withdrawal.

Using an ATM With Your Debit Card

Almost all banks will charge you a fee for either checking your balance or making withdrawals from a different branch's ATM. Typically, it's only a few dollars per charge.

Lost Debit Cards

If you lose your debit card before it expires, some banking institutions will charge a fee to replace it. Even if a banking institution offers free debit card replacements, they may still charge you mailing fees. Wells Fargo will charge you $16 if you opt for rush shipping on a debit card replacement.

Overdraft Fees

You can incur overdraft fees if you use your debit card to make purchases when you don't have the funds available. For most banks, this charge will be around $30-$35. You can avoid that trouble by switching to a bank that doesn't charge overdraft fees.

Common Fees at ICICI Bank

You're likely to get charges on your debit card when you use an ATM that's not connected with ICICI. Like many banks, ICICI Bank also charges a fee to replace your debit card. If you notice any other debit card fee charges on your account, they could have been made in error and should be refunded!

Here are some ICICI Bank fees you can expect after you open a credit or debit card:

  • Annual fee: 250 Rs. ($3.35 in USD)
  • Joining fee: 250 Rs. ($3.35 in USD)
  • Withdrawal fees from Non-ICICI ATMs: 20 Rs. per withdrawal ($0.27 in USD)
  • Non-ICICI ATM balance inquiries: 8.50 per inquiry ($0.11 in USD)
  • Card replacement fee: 199 Rs. ($2.27 in USD)
  • Inactivity fee: 25 Rs. ($0.34 in USD)

When conducting business in India, a goods and service tax is applicable to all of these charges. ICICI Bank also charges fees if you have an open business account in the USA:

Account opening deposit$250,000
Inward remittance$10.00
Outward remittance$20.00
Check collection with foreign currencies$75.00
Monthly paper statements$10.00
Duplicate checkbooks$60
Stop payments$20.00

Is it Possible to Get Debit Card Fee Refunds at ICICI Bank?

If you're having problems with your ICICI debit card, you'll need to contact a branch in India. You can try to get your fees waived by:

1. Calling the corporate office at +91-22-33667777

2. Faxing the corporate office at +91-22-26531122

3. Sending a letter to:

ICICI Phone Banking Center

ICICI Bank Tower, 7th floor, Survey no: 115/27, Plot no. 12, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,

Hyderabad – 500032

4. Visiting the help desk at your local branch

If you fax or mail a letter directly to ICICI bank, you may have to wait upwards of a week for a response. Calling the corporate office means you might be put on hold, and you may be met with long lines if you visit an ICICI branch in person.

When you reach a representative, explain your current situation and why you need the fees waived. This can be difficult if you're not proficient in India's native language!

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