You Don't Have to Pay Dartford Crossing PCN — Appeal Today

Appeal Parking Tickets in Any City You Don't Have to Pay Dartford Crossing PCN — Appeal Today

You Don't Have to Pay Dartford Crossing PCN — Appeal Today



Dartford Crossing has issued a PCN and now you are faced with a decision. Do I pay or do I appeal? Only you know the circumstances that led to the contravention and you can appeal the Dartford PCN.

If you have ever filed an appeal for a PCN you know what is facing you. Let's look at that process and then let's increase your knowledge about PCN appeals in the UK and in particular the Dartford Crossing PCN Appeal by using the services of DoNotPay.

Will You Be Challenging the Dartford Crossing PCN?

Once you have decided to challenge the Dartford Crossing PCN, the first step to take in the appeal process is called making a representation.

To make a representation you will need the following:

  1. The PCN Notice Letter
  2. The PCN Number that begins with IA, IB, or IK
  3. The registration number of the vehicle charged with the PCN

If you have more than one PCN, the representation needs to be followed for each contravention.

Contact Dart ChargeContact Us - Dart Charge
Online RepresentationMake a representation against a penalty charge notice

Dart Charge Contact Centre

Phone: 0300 300 0120

From outside the UK: +44 (0) 300 300 0120

Textphone: 18001 0300 300 0120

Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 10 pm (excluding public holidays)

PostDart Charge Enforcement

PO BOX 842



Include Your Supporting Evidence

Whether using the online representation form or the post method you are going to need some supporting documentation for validating your contravention. This would include any legible scans for supporting evidence in  PDF, JPEG, or PNG formats as attachments.

For instance:

  • A receipt or other transaction number proving the PCN has already been paid
  • You can prove the vehicle no longer belongs to you by posting sale documents for the vehicle
  • A crime reference number for a stolen vehicle
  • Your V5C Form for an exempt vehicle
  • Documentation if the vehicle owner is deceased
  • Proof that the vehicle was not at the location and time of the contravention
  • Any evidence eluding to the fact of innocence

Once the elements of the representation are compiled, you may proceed with your Dartford Crossing PCN appeal. Note that during the appeals process all penalty enforcement will pause while your appeal is reviewed.

My Appeal Was Denied. What Is Next?

Your Dartford Crossing PCN has been denied the representation you made for an appeal. Since your PCN was issued by Dart Charge you have the right to appeal the rejection to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

When you visit the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website choose the link to the situation that best describes your current state of affairs. In this case, you are filing an appeal since you have received a Notice of Rejection for your initial representation of the Dartford Crossing PCN.

When you are ready to start the appeal be prepared to enter all of your information yet again for the independent adjudicator that will be reviewing your evidence to make a ruling. If there are any aspects that you do not understand about this process call 0800 160 1999 or email the adjudicator at

If all of this sounds like a time-consuming and confusion-creating issue, you would be right. It is usually way before this point that most will give in and pay the PCN. But it doesn't have to be this way!

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Using DoNotPay to Appeal Your Dartford Crossing PCN

DoNotPay was designed to level out the playing field where any legal action is being taken that could pose a threat. If you need to file an appeal with Dartford Crossing concerning a recent PCN the process is fast and easy!

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