Stop Daniels Silverman Debt Collectors From Harassing You Fast

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Are You Being Pursued By Daniels Silverman Debt Collectors? Here’s Your Solution!

Are you getting phone calls, emails, texts, direct mail, or more from ? You may be feeling intimidated, bullied, or harassed and do not know where to turn for help. But you are not helpless. DoNotPay can help you deal with debt collectors and get debt collections off your credit report.

If you are struggling with debt, you are not alone. In February 2022, the total unsecured debt per household in the U.K. was £3,771. The average total debt per household, including mortgages, was £63,803. If your debt has gone unpaid for some time, the creditor may send your account to a debt collector, whose job it is to pursue you for payment. The debt collector will list the account on your credit report, which may affect your credit score.

Why Is Daniels Silverman Calling You?

is a legitimate debt collection agency and a member of the CSA (Credit Services Association). They have been in business for approximately twenty years and work on behalf of many organisations.

If Daniels Silverman is contacting you, it is probably because of a delinquent debt. Often, you may owe the debt to another creditor. Sometimes Daniels Silverman is a collection agency for the other creditor. They may have purchased the debt from the original creditor in other instances.

The debt collection agency's job is to pursue you for payment. They use a variety of tactics, including calling, emailing, texting, contacting you on social media, and sending letters. They may be calling to validate the debt, collect a payment, or simply harass you into paying.

Do not assume they will stop calling and go away if you ignore the calls. They are relentless and highly aggravating. However, you must respond to them. Failure to respond may damage your credit score, and the debt collectors may even take you to court.

Daniels Silverman Contact Details

If you choose to contact Daniels Silverman on your own for more information, here are their contact details:

Company AddressDaniels Silverman Limited

210 Queens Dock Commercial Centre

Norfolk Street


L1 0BG

Phone Number0800 953 3632

What Should You Do if Daniels Silverman Contacts You?

Daniels Silverman must give you a reasonable time to review the situation and consider your options. Instead of ignoring the contact attempt, get in touch with them and tell them you are looking into your options. However, if you procrastinate and fail to get help, at some point, the collection agency may pursue legal action.

You probably wish you could just pay the debt and make it go away, but perhaps you simply cannot. Therefore, before you consider making any payment towards Daniels Silverman, you should consider the following first:

  1. Is the collection letter actually for you? Sometimes, debt collection letters are sent to the wrong address, or the address is correct, but the individual has moved. If this is the case, contact the debt collection company, explain the situation and ask them to correct their records.
  2. Do you owe the debt? Take a good look at the debt in question. Is it actually yours? Are the details correct? If you are not sure, check with a credit agency or the original source of the debt.

You can send Daniels Silverman a 'Prove The Debt' letter. The agency must be able to prove the debt is yours.

Has Daniels Silverman Violated Your Rights?

Although Daniels Silverman is allowed to go after you for repayment of the debt, they are not permitted to harass you. Harassment takes a variety of forms, including:

  • Contacting you multiple times during the day
  • Calling you at work without your permission
  • Calling you at unreasonable times
  • Contacting you through social media
  • Visiting your home or enters your property without advance notice
  • Discussing your debts with others, such as family or co-workers
  • Threatening you
  • Claiming that non-payment is a criminal offence
  • Taking payments without your permission
  • Not allowing you reasonable time to consider your debt management options
  • Demanding that you borrow money to pay off your debt
  • Intimidating and browbeating you
  • Forcing payment when a debt is statute-barred

How Long Can Debt Collectors Collect Debt From You?

Some debts have a time limit. For most cases in England, that time limit is six years. In Scotland, the time limit is generally five years. The time limit starts from the last time you made a payment towards the debt or confirmed the debt in writing.

However, ignoring the creditor will not start the clock ticking on your limitation period. The limitation period only counts when your creditor is not making any attempt to get their payment from you.

Stop Harassment From Daniels Silverman Debt Collectors

If debt collectors from Daniels Silverman keep on harassing you, you can make them stop by filing a complaint. You can call them directly to let them know. If they refuse, reach out to the following:

  1. Financial Ombudsman Service. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set rules concerning debt collection practices. Although they will not take action on your particular case, they can take action that affects the company's authorisation.
  2. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) They will consider each case, review the relevant rules put in place by the regulator, law, and industry organisations and decide what a fair outcome is for that particular situation.

If all else fails, you can take Daniels Silverman to small claims court. The small claims court is a way to take legal action for up to £10,000 against a firm or individual in the UK.

How to Make a Payment to Daniels Silverman

If possible, it is a good idea to agree to a payment plan, either a weekly or monthly payment, to clear off the debt. If you wish to make a payment to Daniels Silverman, there are several ways to do it.

Secure Online System

This allows you to make payments using a credit or debit card. In addition, you can make payments in British Pounds, U.S. Dollars or Euros.

Telephone Payment System

You can make payments by telephone 24/7. The telephone payment system uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to allow debtors to make a payment through our automated telephone system; this posts directly to your customer account and updates your account.

You can also talk to a live person within office hours or use automation channels on the web or automated payment lines.

How to Get Debt Payment Assistance

You may qualify for a Debt Relief Order (DRO), depending on your circumstances. You must owe less than £30,000, have limited extra income, and not own your home. Here are the advantages of a Debt Relief Order:

  • Your creditors must obtain the court's permission to recover their money
  • Your debts are usually discharged after 12 months

Get Debt Help With DoNotPay!

If you are gripped with anxiety every time the phone rings or receives a message, you may be dealing with debt collector harassment. In addition, your debt collector may not be compliant with debt collection laws. Evading the debt collectors, losing your temper, or changing your phone number will only increase your fears. In any case, the underlying problem of the debt needs resolution for your peace of mind.

Let DoNotPay help you work through this issue. By asking a simple series of questions, we can work with you to choose a course of action and contact the debt collectors on your behalf. If you have decided to report the collection agency to an organisation regulating debt collectors,

DoNotPay can help you file the complaint. It's fast, easy, and effective.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Search "debt collection" on DoNotPay.

  2. Answer a series of questions about the debt collectors, including when you were contacted and how you were contacted, so we can determine if they have violated any debt collection laws.

  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to a professional trade association.

That's all there is to it! You decide on your course of action, and DoNotPay will handle the rest. We'll deliver your request directly to the debt collectors via first-class mail or file your complaint automatically with the relevant trade association or ombudsman.

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