How To Find Useful Custody Agreement Templates

Standardized Legal Documents How To Find Useful Custody Agreement Templates

Custody Agreement Templates Explained

After divorce or separation, people tend to split everything they earned and accumulated together, including cars, real estate properties, or financial assets. Besides dealing with material goods, they need to make a much more important decision—the one about parenting arrangements for their children.

Such situations are usually regulated with a special legal document—a child custody agreement—but writing this contract isn’t simple. That’s why people decide to use ready-made templates, but it’s hard to find the ones you can trust. 

If you are struggling with finding the best custody agreement templates and creating your contract, we got you covered!

What Is a Custody Agreement?

A custody agreement is a legal contract that allows parents to stipulate the co-parenting rules they both agree on once they divorce or separate. 

This document proposes the terms and expectations of both entities, enabling them to reach an agreement and raise their child without disputes. If you manage to regulate your mutual custody-related interests this way, you can skip court procedures and save loads of money.

A custody agreement is a legally binding document you can use in your favor if something goes wrong. If your relationship with your ex-partner worsens and they break the predetermined rules, you can use the contract to sue them.

What Should Custody Agreement Forms Cover?

A child custody agreement should cover various parenting arrangements, and it’s essential not to miss the most significant clauses and sections. The form of the contract depends on the type of custody the parents choose, as there are two options:

  1. Sole custody—the parents decide that one of them will be the official custodian of the children
  2. Joint custody—the parents agree that both of them should have equal responsibilities for the children and share legal and physical custody

Here are some clauses most custody agreements contain:


Personal information of the concerned parties and their children

  • Names
  • Birth dates

Physical custody details

  • The place where children live
  • Visitation schedule on holidays or special occasions

Other terms and regulations

  • Transportation details
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Communication between parents
  • Dispute resolution
  • Contract modification terms
  • Child support details

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Custody Agreement Templates

You can find loads of custody agreement templates online. The bad news is that not all of them are suitable or applicable to your situation.

Below is the table showing the major pros and cons of online custody agreement templates:

  • You can avoid paying too much to a lawyer for a single draft
  • They are easy to find
  • You can download them to multiple devices
  • They are usually unverified
  • You may not know how to complete them if you don’t understand the construction of the clauses
  • They may be incomplete or lack the essential sections
  • You may need to register on various websites and pay for downloading the desired template
  • They can be outdated if posted several years ago, as the laws change regularly
  • They may be bland or too generic, making it difficult to personalize them

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