The Best Tips on Applying for Cuba Tourist Visas

Tourist Visa Guide The Best Tips on Applying for Cuba Tourist Visas

How Do Cuba Tourist Visas Work—All Your Questions Answered

Have you been considering traveling to Cuba—the land of the best cigars, amazing beaches, and irresistible salsa tunes? Preparing for your trip also includes getting proper authorization for entering the country and staying there for a specific period.

Embassy and consulate websites usually offer unclear or outdated information related to visas, which can make your travel preparation more difficult. This is why we created an amazing guide with the ultimate tips on how to obtain Cuba tourist visas and cards and enter this country effortlessly!

Do You Need a Tourist Visa for Cuba if You Are From the USA?

There are several specific categories of travelers that are required to obtain a tourist visa before entering Cuba. They include:

  • Journalists
  • Travelers visiting their family
  • Students and all types of educators
  • People traveling for religious purposes
  • Professional researchers traveling for business meetings
  • Authorized export transaction performers
  • Private foundation or research institution members
  • Travelers who visit the state because of workshops, exhibitions, public performances, and athletic competitions
  • People who dedicate themselves to humanitarian activities or visit Cuba to provide support to its people
  • People who work on exportation, importation, or transmission of informative materials

Other U.S. passengers can’t apply for tourist visas and are required to obtain another type of authorization—a Tourist Card.

Note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling to Cuba remains prohibited at the moment. This is a temporary circumstance, and the rules and regulations keep changing depending on the current situation. To remain well-informed, you must check the official website of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba regularly and look for the latest COVID-19 updates.

What Is a Tourist Card?

A Tourist Card is a permission that allows tourists to stay in Cuba for 30 days and can be extended for additional 30 days upon request.

The type of Tourist Card you get depends on the country you are departing from. Travelers flying to Cuba from the U.S. must obtain a pink Tourist Card, while all other passengers should have a green Tourist Card to enter the country.

What Do You Need To Get a Tourist Card or a Tourist Visa for Cuba?

To file an application for a Cuba tourist visa, you should:

  1. Have a U.S. passport that:
    1. Has been valid for at least six months before the trip
    2. Has at least two blank pages for entry and exit stamps
  2. Complete a Cuba Visa Application Form
  3. Prepare:
    1. Passport-size photo
    2. Valid travel ticket
    3. Proof of travel health insurance
    4. Other documents that can confirm your purpose of travel

Obtaining a Tourist Card doesn’t require any additional documents or forms.

How To Obtain a Tourist Visa for Cuba or a Cuba Tourist Card

The following table shows the available ways of applying for a Cuban tourist visa or a Tourist Card:

Cuba Tourist VisaCuba Tourist Card
  • Submitting a completed application and the supporting documents at the Cuban consulate in your state—If you don’t have any consulates in your vicinity, you must travel to the nearest one
  • Mailing a completed application and the supporting documentation to the Cuban consulate—Before you do it, check whether the consulate needs originals or copies of your documents. You must also send a pre-paid envelope with stamps and state an address to which the institution can return the documentation
  • Hiring a representative that can apply on your behalf—This can be an authorized agency performing visa application procedures
  • Obtaining the card at the Cuban consulate or embassy—The prices may vary depending on the institution you choose
  • Buying the card from an airline company, travel agency, or the tour group organizing your trip—The price may be included in your flight ticket cost
  • Purchasing the card online—This is the simplest way to get it. You can buy the cheapest pink Tourist Cards through Cuba Visa Services

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