Should You Get a Crypto Cash Back Credit Card

Get Cash Back Should You Get a Crypto Cash Back Credit Card

Should You Get a Crypto Cash Back Credit Card

Bitcoin may not be the greatest way to make purchases, but thanks to a growing number of crypto reward credit cards, it may still be a part of your spending strategy. Crypto Cashback is a reward system that allows you to earn modest Bitcoin incentives instead of traditional cashback perks when you shop.

Anytime you make a purchase, you'll virtually quickly receive a fraction of what you paid in satoshis (not dollars) back into your account.

It enables you to save money on items you've never seen before. At partner stores, you can frequently find greater deals and big discounts. Many people are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency cashback, which is why DoNotPay is here to assist you in earning cash back when making a purchase.

What Does Cash Back on Credit Cards Mean and How Does It Work?

Cashback rewards on credit cards are benefits given to users who use their cards to make transactions. Cashback benefits can be in the form of money or points, with points often redeemable on the card issuer's online marketplace.

You will earn rewards when you use a cashback credit card to make purchases in particular categories (such as supermarkets or petrol stations). There are significant distinctions in the types of spending that are rewarded and how the rewards are presented, such as

1. Rotating categories.

2. Point values.

You should also bear in mind that certain cashback credit cards have a limit on how much cashback you may earn in a given period.

How Cash Back Credit Cards Reward Your Spending

Spending may be rewarded in a variety of ways, including:

  • By a fixed sum. Your card activity is rewarded by the same proportion of each transaction with flat rewards. It's simple to use flat-rate rewards cards, but the rewards % may be smaller than a category-specific card.
  • Fixed categories. These rewards cards provide cashback on purchases made in pre-determined areas such as
    • Travel
    • Food
    • Entertainment

The reward amounts might be larger than with flat-rate rewards cards, but the card issuer determines the categories and merchants that are covered.

  • Rotating categories. Several category-specific cards give extra-generous rewards in certain categories for a limited period: often monthly or quarterly. The rotating category might relate to spending on a broad area such as electronics, or it can pertain to spending with a specific merchant.

How to Redeem Cash Back on Credit Cards

You may have numerous alternatives for redeeming your cashback earnings based on your cashback card and the program. You can:

  1. Receive a statement credit. The cashback is credited to the balance on your credit card.
  2. Make a request for a check. Your cashback incentives are sent to you in the form of a cheque from the issuer.
  3. Make a deposit into a bank account using your rewards. The incentives are deposited into a connected bank account through electronic transfer. To utilize this feature, you may require a bank account with the card's issuer.
  4. Make use of your monetary rewards to get points. Certain cash back cards are connected to their issuer's rewards program, enabling you to convert or utilize points instead of cashback.
  5. Check the terms and conditions of your card to determine if there is a minimum amount required to redeem your points. Based on the redemption choice, this might change.

The Best Credit Cards for Cash Back

Coinbase Visa CardCoinbase Card is a plastic debit card that allows users to spend any crypto assets in their portfolio and receive rewards for each transaction. People will be able to spend crypto anywhere with the card. The Visa debit card is allowed, and customers may earn up to 4% cashback on any purchases made with it.
Wirex Visa CardUsers may use the Wirex Visa Card to manage both fiat and crypto accounts and convert crypto to fiat without the need for a third party. When users buy anything with the card, they may receive cashback incentives.
NexoUsers of the Nexo MasterCard physical crypto credit card may take out crypto loans of up to US$2 million against their cryptocurrency holdings.

You can only accept a loan whose value is less than the value of your crypto holdings since you secure or insure the loan with the crypto you now have in your wallet. Selling the cryptocurrency and abandoning your stake is not a good idea. It currently supports around 20 cryptocurrencies. You can receive 2% cashback rewards on spending with the card.

SoFi Credit CardThe SoFi credit card users may earn 2% cashback on purchases made using the card. It currently only accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to Get Cash Back With the Help of DoNotPay

It only takes three steps:

  1. Search for Cash Back on the DoNotPay website.


  2. Kick off the process to find the right app or website for you.


  3. Answer some specific questions so that we can help you start making money!


And that's it. DoNotPay will send you the best cashback options we can find and help you to start earning more cashback on your purchases.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay offers various other services besides helping you get cash backs.

Other services we offer include:

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