Is a Croatia Tourist Visa a Must When Traveling From the U.S.?

Tourist Visa Guide Is a Croatia Tourist Visa a Must When Traveling From the U.S.?

Do I Need a Croatia Tourist Visa if I Am From the U.S.?

Croatia is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy lovely beaches, national parks, and ancient Roman sights. Having fun there is quite easy, but gathering all the paperwork you need and getting accurate info about COVID-19 restrictions can be tricky.

Do you need a Croatia tourist visa to visit this country? We will clear up all your doubts about your trip requirements and show you how to use DoNotPay as your all-in-one guide for an effortless visa application!

Do U.S. Citizens Need Tourist Visas for Croatia?

Luckily, Croatian authorities allow U.S. citizens to enter the country for tourist or business purposes without a visa and stay for up to three months.

Even though you don’t need to obtain a visa, you still have to possess a valid U.S. passport to visit Croatia. Active-duty U.S. military service members are the only exception, as they can use their Department of Defense (DOD) identifications or travel orders instead.

I Want To Stay in Croatia for More Than 90 Days—What Should I Do?

If you decide to stay in Croatia longer than three months, you can’t be considered a tourist anymore.

In such a case, you must submit a temporary residence permit application. This process requires a mandatory criminal background check with an Apostille seal placed on the application by the U.S. Office of Authentications. To find the most accurate information about this process, contact the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Croatia.

General Croatia Entry Requirements for U.S. Citizens

The table below breaks down the most important entry criteria for travelers coming to Croatia from the U.S.:

Minimum passport validity after arrivalThree months
Recommended passport validity beyond the planned arrival to the destinationSix months
Required number of empty passport pagesOne page (for an entry stamp)
Additional checksEach U.S. traveler must register with local police or at the local Ministry of Interior Affairs as soon as possible—no later than 24 hours upon arrival
Required vaccines (not related to COVID-19)None
Entry currency restrictionLess than or equal to $10,000
Exit currency restrictionLess than or equal to $10,000

What Are the Ongoing COVID-19 Measures for Travelers Coming to Croatia?

Despite complying with all the essential requirements for visiting Croatia, you won’t qualify for entry if you don’t adhere to the following COVID-19 measures:

  1. Providing a negative COVID-19 test result—The authorities will accept:
    1. PCR tests
    2. Acceptable types of rapid antigen tests
  2. Submitting any valid vaccination certificate—if you received your final dose more than two weeks before the trip
  3. Showing proof of recovery from COVID-19—if you have already been infected. The authorities will accept:
    1. Medical certificate
    2. Positive COVID-19 test results dating from the past 12 to 180 days

If you didn’t get a negative test result before the trip, you must undergo PCR or rapid antigen testing at your own cost upon arrival.

There are several categories of travelers that are exempt from these restrictive measures, including:

  • Healthcare workers and researchers
  • Frontier workers
  • Caregivers for the elderly
  • Diplomats
  • International organization employees
  • Military personnel
  • Police officers
  • Humanitarian personnel
  • Civil protection officials
  • Transport sector workers
  • Passengers in transit
  • Persons who come for urgent personal reasons and stay less than 12 hours
  • Travelers visiting Croatia for educational purposes
  • Children under the age of 12 whose parent has a negative COVID-19 test, a vaccination certificate, or proof of recovery
  • Digital nomad visa holders

I Have Some Questions—Whom Can I Contact for More Information?

For any questions related to your entry to Croatia, you can reach out to a local Croatian embassy or consulate. Check out the contact details for all existing institutions of this type in the U.S.:

InstitutionPhone NumberEmail Address
Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the United States of America(202)
Consulate in New York(212)
Consulate in Seattle(206)
Consulate in Chicago(312)
Consulate in Los Angeles(310)
Consulate in Kansas City(816)
Consulate in New Orleans(504)
Consulate in Pittsburgh(412)
Consulate in Houston(713)
Consulate in Anchorage(907)

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