Can You Apply for Crime Victim Compensation in Wisconsin?

Compensation for Victims of Crime Can You Apply for Crime Victim Compensation in Wisconsin?

Can You Apply for Crime Victim Compensation in Wisconsin?

Not many violent crime victims or their dependents know about crime victim compensation programs that can help them cover most crime-related expenses. There’s a good chance that you’re eligible to get crime victim compensation in Wisconsin if you’re a victim of a crime that took place there. 

DoNotPay will tell you all about the Crime Victim Compensation Program in WI. Find out if you qualify for reimbursement and learn how to apply for the CVC Program in under five minutes! 

The Ins and Outs of the Wisconsin Crime Victim Compensation Program 

The Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Office of Crime Victim Service provides financial assistance to violent crime victims and their dependents through the Crime Victim Compensation Program. The program covers the expenses caused by numerous violent crimes, including:

  • Homicide
  • Assault
  • Child abuse
  • Stalking
  • Sexual abuse

You can check out all compensable crimes here.

The Crime Victim Compensation Program in Wisconsin offers reimbursement for the crime-related costs of:

  1. Innocent victims who suffered injuries due to a compensable crime that happened in Wisconsin
  2. Dependents or family members of homicide victims
  3. Individuals injured while helping crime victims or police officers
  4. Victims injured in a traffic accident if the other participant was driving under the influence, including:
    • Pedestrians
    • Passengers in the other car
    • Child passengers in the offender’s vehicle

The Wisconsin fund for violent crime victims receives money from an annual appropriation and the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant. The maximum compensable amount granted to victims is $40,000.

The program should be your last resort as it can only cover the expenses that aren’t covered by other sources, such as health insurance, donations, Medicaid, and similar. If you’d like to apply for the Wisconsin Crime Victim Compensation Program the easy way, you should sign up for DoNotPay.

File Your Wisconsin Crime Victim Compensation Application in a Snap With DoNotPay

Victims find the traditional application process rather tedious and time-consuming, which is why they usually postpone or avoid filing their applications. DoNotPay has developed a product that can help victims of any crime—including assaults, domestic violence, and terrorism, such as the 9/11 attack—apply for crime victim compensation in under five minutes. 

We will guide you through a series of questions regarding the crime and the expenses you’d like to get reimbursement for. Once you answer the questions and hit the Submit button, DoNotPay will complete your application automatically and send it to the appropriate office in Wisconsin. 

To apply for crime victim compensation quickly and stress-free, do the following:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay
  2. Pick our Compensation for Crime Victims product 
  3. Indicate if you’re the victim or another claimant
  4. Respond to all required questions and verify your signature

You can use our product not only in Wisconsin but also in any other state, including:

What Happens After You Apply for the CVC Program?

Once the Office of Crime Victim Service receives your application, a claim specialist will request an investigative report from the police. He or she will then review your application and the report to determine whether you qualify for the program. The average time of claim processing is between 60 and 90 days. 

If the claim specialist accepts your application, you’ll receive a letter explaining the next steps. Should your request be rejected, the claim specialist will send a written explanation of the appeal process. 

Do You Qualify for Crime Victim Compensation in Wisconsin?

Being a victim of a compensable crime isn’t enough to get reimbursement—you also have to fulfill certain requirements. To be eligible to apply for the Crime Victim Compensation Program, you have to:

  • Have filed a police report no later than five days from the crime 
  • Have cooperated with the police in their investigation
  • Apply for the compensation program within one year of the incident
  • Provide the requested info to the Wisconsin Department of Justice 

The filing and application time limit can be waived in certain situations in the interest of justice.

Your application will be rejected if you:

  • Caused or contributed to your injury 
  • Committed a crime that caused your injury
  • Refused to cooperate with law enforcement 
  • Don’t provide necessary details to the Wisconsin DOJ 

Find Out Which Costs Are Covered by the WI Crime Victim Compensation Program

The following table shows which costs are covered by the Wisconsin Crime Victim Compensation Program and which ones aren’t:

Crime-Related ExpensesCompensable (Yes/No)Maximum Compensable Amount

Medical costs, including:

      • Exams
      • Treatments
      • Prescriptions
      • Hospital fees
YesNot specified
Mental health counseling for victims and their family membersYesNot specified for victims

$3,000 for parents of child victims (per parent)

Pain and sufferingNo-
Lost wages or supportYes$3,000 for parents of child victims

Not specified for other victims and family members

Replacement of items kept as evidenceYes$300 for clothing and bedding

$200 for computers and mobile phones

$200 for the property that became unusable due to crime lab testing

Travel for medical assistance or court appearancesNo-
Crime scene cleanup Yes$1,000
Caregiver servicesYesNot specified
Funeral costsYes$5,000
Housing adaptations if a victim is permanently disabled due to crime-related injuriesYes$5,000
Property loss or damageNo-

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