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How to Reach the Costa Complaint Line and Get Compensated


Costa is one of the biggest coffee shops in the UK. They aim to provide their clients with the most fantastic coffee experience by offering hot beverages, savoury snacks, cakes, and pastries. Even though the company works hard to offer its customers high-quality services, problems can occasionally arise, necessitating knowledge of the Costa complaint line.

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How to Make a Complaint to Costa

You can use Costa's services either online through an app or in-person by visiting one of its restaurants. In case of any challenges or concerns about the company's products or employees or you simply wish to express your dissatisfaction towards the company, you may do so in various ways.

You can submit your through the following channels.

How to Reach Costa Customer Support
Phone Number0333-033-5883
Online Contact FormMake a Complaint
In-PersonCosta House, Houghton Hall Business Park, Porz Ave, Houghton Regis, Dunstable LU5 5YG
  1. Contact form

You can easily and conveniently resolve your concerns with Costa with a contact form. As per the company, it offers an instant means of resolving your concerns. You will be asked to include an existing Case Reference if you have previously contacted about the same issue.

  1. Mobile App

Costa also has a mobile platform where they can engage with potential customers. The app is accessible on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can use it to place orders online and file complaints because it connects you with a corporate customer service person immediately.

  1. In-person

You have the option of visiting the restaurant to submit your concerns. There is always a Costa restaurant close by because the company has more than 2000 physical locations around the UK. Making a complaint in person will enable you to converse directly with the restaurant's manager.

Alternative Ways to File a Complaint Against Costa

If it seems your  was not met with a satisfactory resolution, further choices are available for you to pursue your concern. Some of them are:

Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (ADRs)

The ADR is a method used to resolve complaints or disputes between consumers and traders that don't entail going to court. You will be able to resolve your dispute resolution through approaches like negotiation, mediation, and even arbitration to ensure that you get the justice you deserve. You can offer to negotiate with Costa to make sure that you get a satisfactory response.

Ombudsman Services

You can request details about a certified ombudsman to help you with the issue. They act as independent and impartial individuals when dealing with complaints. However, before you seek ombudsman services, you must have first complained to the organisation directly.

Challenges You May Encounter When Trying to Reach the Costa Complaint Line

Resolving your Costa complaints through customer services may be challenging and sometimes frustrating. You may end up facing the following issues:

  1. You may be put on hold or have to listen to the lengthy automated messages.
  2. You can also spend hours explaining your issue to customer support without a convincing response.
  3. People have also reported delays and even failure to get compensated when using mobile apps.
  4. Sometimes the Costa App may not function properly, inhibiting you from accessing customer service support.
  5. Making visits is tiresome and time-consuming for the elderly, hence not appropriate and convenient.

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