What Is the Cost of a Small Business License? Find Out Now!

Small Business Loan Request Letter What Is the Cost of a Small Business License? Find Out Now!

What Is the Cost of a Small Business License? DoNotPay Has the Answers

If you are starting a new business, you need to register your company and acquire a business license. The cost of a small business license depends on multiple factors, and our article will break them down for you! You will learn all about various license types, how to apply for one, and more! We will also show you how to cover business-related expenses by taking out a small business loan.

What Is a Small Business License?

Every small business owner is legally required to register with an appropriate local and federal government to obtain a small business license. This license allows them to operate within their jurisdiction and industry.

How Much Does a Small Business License Cost?

The cost of a small business license depends on the federal, state, and local licensing board’s regulations and the type of license you need. For example, getting a state business license in Nevada will cost you $500 per year, whereas in Chicago, the costs can skyrocket to up to $6,000.

Besides the registration prices, you will also have to pay renewal fees every year (required by the Small Business Administration).

Business License Types

For more details about different license types, consult the table below:

License TypeExplanation
FederalThis license is required if your business activities are regulated by federal agencies. For example, you will need this license if you deal with:

  • Maritime transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Alcoholic beverage manufacturing
  • Firearm and explosives sales
StateA state business license is required for the following occupations:

  • Accountants
  • Physicians
  • Barbers
  • Private investigators
  • Building contractors

It is also needed if you sell certain goods, such as:

  • Lottery tickets
  • Gasoline
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
LocalAll business owners are required to get a license from the local government, either their city or county, to be able to lawfully operate within their jurisdictions

How To Apply for a Small Business License

To get a small business license, you can either contact a third-party filing service or hire an attorney who can help you prepare your application. Keep in mind that these solutions can be costly, as both filing services and lawyer fees are high.

If you want to apply for a small business license on your own, you need to:

  1. Determine which license type you need
  2. Compile the required documentation, including:
    1. A description of your business
    2. Copies of corporate records
    3. Proof of state or local tax status
    4. List of ownership and management
    5. A filing fee to the government

How Long Does It Take To Get a Small Business License?

Getting a small business license can take anywhere between a couple of days and a few months, depending on the jurisdiction. The industry you are in also determines how long you have to wait.

How To Cover the Costs of Getting a Small Business License

If you do not have enough money to cover the cost of the license, you should consider getting a business loan. Depending on your budget and credit score, you can apply for a loan from a bank, credit union, or online lender.

Getting a loan can also help you cover other startup costs hassle-free. Small business and startup loans help by lending you money that you can use to purchase equipment, get real estate, or solve any other financial issue.

When you get approved and borrow the money, you will have to repay it according to specific terms that you have agreed on with the lender. These terms usually specify the interest rate, repayment schedule, purpose of the loan, potential collateral, and similar.

Applying for a loan can be tricky as it requires you to gather various paperwork and send it to the lender. If you subscribe to DoNotPay, we will turn this process into a breeze by providing you with a checklist of required documentation and generating a superb loan request letter to maximize your chances of getting a loan.

Get a Small Business Loan Effortlessly With DoNotPay

Once you determine the type of small business loan you want to apply for and make sure you meet the requirements, you should prepare a loan request letter to demonstrate you are a reliable borrower. This document will provide your lender with details about your business and yourself. A properly written loan request letter can increase your chances of obtaining a loan.

If you need help writing one, subscribe to DoNotPay! Our AI-powered app will generate this crucial letter tailored to your needs in no time! To use it, you have to:

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Run Your Business Worry-Free!

Every beginning is challenging, which is why DoNotPay has everything you need to start running your business stress-free! We have created numerous easy-to-use products that will make boring administrative tasks easier to manage.

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