The Cost of Divorce in VA Doesn’t Need To Be a Problem

Find Out What the Cost of Divorce in VA Is and How To Reduce It

Getting divorced can be a burden. You should pay attention to all relevant information about the filing procedures, divorce papers, and other requirements to protect yourself and go through a smooth and quick divorce.

What about the cost of divorce in VA? This guide shows you how to keep your expenses in check while DoNotPay provides efficient assistance with divorce papers!

How Much Is a Divorce in VA?

To file for divorce in Virginia, you need to plan your budget to avoid any surprises and delays.

The cost of a divorce depends on various criteria, including what type of divorce you go for and whether you decide to hire a lawyer, mediator, or some other expert.

Check out the following table for more information:

What Would You Like To Do?What You Should ConsiderAverage Cost
Hire an attorneyWhile this might seem like the smoothest ride, it would definitely:
  • Be an expensive option
  • Increase your total divorce costs significantly

To reduce the cost of services, you could:

  1. Deal with all paperwork and other aspects of the divorce process by yourself
  2. Consult a lawyer on necessary matters instead of providing a considerable retainer fee for an attorney to handle your whole case
On average, VA divorce lawyers:
  • Charge an hourly rate of $280–$330
  • Might end up costing you between $11,000 and $14,000
Go to mediationYou can hire a mediator in Virginia if you and your spouse need help resolving certain problems$100–$350 per session (shared between you and your spouse)
Choose a low-cost divorceIf you and your spouse go through a friendly, no-fault, and uncontested divorce, you will finalize the whole process quickly, affordably, and with less stressDepending on the county where you file for divorce—e.g., Fairfax, Virginia Beach, or some other—the average cost includes:
  • $82–$86 for the court filing fee
  • $10–$12 for having the sheriff’s office serve the papers to your spouse

The Average Cost of Divorce in Virginia

The average cost of divorce in Virginia is $11,500 if you decide to go through the process with an attorney. This amount can be higher if you:

  • Go for a complex contested divorce
  • Want to prove your spouse’s fault, and they don’t want to admit it

Keep in mind that the cost of your divorce could also be a lot lower in case you and your spouse:

  1. Reach an out-of-court settlement on all divorce aspects, such as:
    1. Alimony
    2. The division of property and debts
    3. Child support, visitation, and custody
  2. File for an uncontested divorce so that you can complete and file the required forms alone, i.e., without hiring a pricey attorney

Learn How To Get a Divorce in Virginia Without a Lawyer

To file for a VA divorce, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Residential requirements—You or your spouse must have lived in the Old Dominion for a minimum of six months before filing the papers
  2. Separation requirements—Depending on whether you have children or not, you need to live separately between six and twelve months

If you meet the above-listed criteria, you may proceed to the following uncontested divorce steps without a lawyer’s help:

Steps to an Uncontested DivorceAdditional Information
Create a divorce settlement agreementYou should:
  1. Cover all matters that you’ve agreed on with your spouse and file the document with the court for review
  2. to prepare a rock-solid divorce settlement agreement
File the uncontested divorce papersYou should file a bill of complaint and other necessary forms with the local circuit court
Serve the papersYou could have the sheriff’s office serve the divorce papers to your spouse
Wait for your spouse’s responseYour spouse can file a response with the court in 21 days after the date they received the papers
Go to the court hearingIf you don’t want to attend the hearing, you can complete and file a deposition or affidavit

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Learn About Divorce Procedures To Avoid Any Glitches

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