Get the Scoop on the Cost of Divorce in PA

Divorce Settlement Agreement Get the Scoop on the Cost of Divorce in PA

Find Out What the Cost of Divorce in PA Is With DoNotPay’s Help

How much is the cost of divorce in PA?

DoNotPay can tell you how much money you’ll need to cash out to terminate your marriage in Pennsylvania. We will also inform you about the low-cost divorce options and help you create a marital settlement agreement.

PA Divorce Cost—Expenses To Count On

When filing for divorce in PA, you should familiarize yourself with all possible expenses that come with the process. The table below will provide some additional information:

Type of FeeBrief Explanation
Court filing feesYou need to pay the filing fees when filing the divorce forms. The exact amount will depend on the county you live in.

Check out the different divorce costs and regulations for these PA counties:

Fees for the service of divorce papersPennsylvania requires you to hire a sheriff or process server to deliver the divorce papers to your partner. This service comes with a county-specific cost
Attorney feesDivorce lawyers in Pennsylvania charge an average fee of $250 per hour. Note that hiring a lawyer for an uncontested divorce is not mandatory
Mediation feesMediation is another optional step. Mediation is necessary when you don’t agree on every aspect of your divorce settlement with your spouse. If you choose to have a mediator, count on paying at least $1,000 per day for mediation services
Parent education feesSometimes spouses who have minor children are required to take a parent education program that costs between $25 and $85, depending on the number of hours in the course

Who Pays for a Divorce in Pennsylvania?

Under regular circumstances, each spouse is in charge of paying their own attorney fees. In cases when the income gap between the spouses is too big, the court can order one of the partners to pay for the other’s attorney fees.

Factors That Influence the Divorce Cost in PA

The amount you need to spend on a divorce in Pennsylvania will depend on multiple factors, such as:

  1. What county you live in
  2. Whether you and your partner have children
  3. What amount of debt you have
  4. Whether you own real estate and vehicles
  5. How willing you and your spouse are to compromise to reach an agreement and keep the costs down

The last item on the list refers to the type of divorce you and your spouse are aiming to have:

  • Contested—you don’t agree on any of the important issues
  • Uncontested—you see eye to eye and want a friendly divorce

The cost of an average contested divorce can be between $15,000 and $20,000. An uncontested divorce is a cheaper option because of its duration and the lack of need to hire a lawyer.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost in PA?

The low-cost divorce option in PA is called a “no-fault and mutual consent divorce,” also known as an uncontested divorce. If you don’t hire a lawyer, you will only need to pay for the filing fees, which are around $300.

An uncontested divorce is a quick divorce—you will not be dragged through numerous court hearings.

The staple of any uncontested divorce is a divorce settlement agreement. This document will let you and your spouse agree on how to resolve important issues, such as alimony and division of property and debt.

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DoNotPay Is Here To Answer All of Your Divorce-Related Questions

If you are going through a divorce and would like to know more about the process, check out some of the most popular questions people have when ending a marriage:

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