Corporate Identity Agreement Explained

Standardized Legal Documents Corporate Identity Agreement Explained

Understanding the Corporate Integrity Agreement

If your organization wants to make a deal with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), you must learn more about the corporate integrity agreements. Establishing collaboration rights by writing a valid contract is the most secure way to achieve a transparent deal with OIG. The problem arises when it comes to drawing up this legal document since most people don’t have enough expertise to do it themselves.

Our manual offers a rundown on the corporate integrity contracts, explaining their purpose and propositions. Find out more about signing this agreement and get practical advice on composing any legal document fast and with zero sweat!

Corporate Integrity Agreements in a Nutshell

A corporate integrity agreement (CIA) is a legal document regulating the relationship between:

  1. OIG of the Department of Health and Human Resources
  2. Pharmaceutical companies, providers, or other healthcare-related entities

By signing this contract, a  particular company agrees to take over certain responsibilities in exchange for entering specific federal healthcare programs. The document addresses various corporate integrity-related problems and works on fortifying compliance with local health laws. These agreements last for five years and impose many duties on the healthcare company in question.

What Does a Corporate Integrity Agreement Cover?

Here are some common CIA-proposed requirements a particular company must meet:

  • Hiring a compliance officer
  • Appointing a compliance committee
  • Establishing specific written terms and policies
  • Defining the details of its confidential disclosure program
  • Introducing an all-in-one employee training plan
  • Making sure the independent review organizations handle the regular annual reviews 
  • Preventing its managers from hiring ineligible candidates
  • Recording each overpayment
  • Reporting current investigation and ongoing legal procedures

What Happens if the Provider Breaches the Rules From the Corporate Integrity Agreement?

Since this contract is legally binding, each mistake or failure to comply with the proposed rules entails specific penalty fees. Below is the table showing what happens in case the provider violates OIG regulations:

Rule ViolationPenalty
  • Breaching the compliance program regulations
  • Failing to engage in using an Independent Review Organization (IRO)
  • Submitting incomplete or inaccurate reports or certifications
  • Not submitting the required claims review reports

Daily penalties—$1,000 per day for each compliance breach

  • False certifications for:
  1. Implementation and annual records
  2. Other supporting documentation the IRO requires
$50,000 per certification
  • Failing to respond to a letter from OIG
  • Failing to report reportable events
  • Not putting an effort to correct the existing rule violation
  • Making imprecise overpayment refunds
  • Failing to react to stipulated penalty payment requests
The provider gets banned from taking part in federal healthcare plans

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Whether you are trying to draft a lease, rental, settlement, or any other contract, making a concise and valid legal document is never simple. Besides complying with local regulations, a proper agreement must meet other general criteria. It should:

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Get Familiar With Various Agreements Through Our Knowledge Base

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