Secrets That'll Save You Money on Coolant Leak Repair Costs

Quote My Repair Secrets That'll Save You Money on Coolant Leak Repair Costs

Secrets That'll Save You Money on Coolant Leak Repair Costs

A steamy situation can get even hotter when the coolant is leaking out of your vehicle. Spotting the leak may be difficult, but the huge puddle of antifreeze on the ground is usually a big indicator something is wrong. There are many reasons your antifreeze could be leaking. Read on to find out what options you have for a coolant leak.

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How to Tell Your Vehicle Is Leaking Coolant

Of course, the first indicator that something is wrong is the fluid on the ground. That is if there is a big puddle. If not, you might get an overheating signal from your vehicle the first time. Don't panic. There are a few things to check before you drive to the nearest mechanic for a diagnostic.

  • Visually inspect your radiator for holes.
  • Check the radiator cap (while the vehicle is cold).
  • Check the engine oil for antifreeze infiltration.
  • Check the plastic coolant tank for leaks.
  • Look for rusted or missing clamps.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to only check while the engine is cool. Hot fluid can spray and burn with the engine on or cooling.

Can I Drive With a Coolant Leak?

Mechanics curl into a fetal position and shake their head "no" rapidly each time someone brings them a damaged vehicle and says, "It started leaking about a month ago, but I just kept adding more coolant."

While small leaks may not seem significant, they can lead to bigger issues if not resolved quickly. The coolant system is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the engine while it is working. If it begins to overheat, cracks may form in the metals. Cracks cause leaks and clogs which may lead to broken head gaskets and blown engines.

Coolant Leaking Repair Options

Your options for coolant leak repair costs will be determined by what is leaking in the coolant system. You will have to add diagnostic fees and labor to the cost of the parts and fluids. For instance:

PartsEstimated Repair Cost
Leaking hoses$150- $400
Water pump$250- $1500
Radiator$180- $2300
Head gasket$1000+

There are some DIY options to temporarily repair some damages that cause leaking coolant. You can fill visible small cracks in the radiator with epoxy glue, duct tape cracked hoses, or use coolant leak repair fluid. Mechanics will not recommend attempting to use eggs inside the radiator to help clog leaks due to the eggs clogging more than leaks. Only use this method as a last resort on the way to the mechanics for a radiator replacement.

Find the Best Mechanic for Your Coolant Leak Repair

There are several methods to tell whether a business is trustworthy before entrusting your car to them. To learn more about a company, you may visit their website, follow them on social media, or contact the dealership for your vehicle's make.

Knowing what is involved with a coolant leak repair will assist in getting the best price for the job. You will need to know:

  1. The average cost of the parts needing repair
  2. Labor costs
  3. The amount of time it usually takes to repair the parts
  4. Diagnostic costs
  5. Taxes and other fees imposed by the state

Flushing the coolant system will take some time, and all the fluid will need to be replaced and re-pressurized before the repair is complete. Knowing how much the parts are will save some headaches in the long run. Opt for authorized replacement parts, especially if your vehicle is under warranty.

Take a look at how much each shop charges per hour for labor, how much it costs to diagnose problems, how good the components are, and how much they cost. An itemized estimate might help you evaluate which option is best. Be aware that cheaper prices don't always equal higher quality.

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