Need To Convert PowerPoint to Video? We’ll Help You Do It in Seconds!

File Converter Need To Convert PowerPoint to Video? We’ll Help You Do It in Seconds!

How To Convert PowerPoint to Video the Easy Way

PowerPoint (PPT) is a program used to make presentations and a component of the Microsoft Office suite. It was developed in 1990 by Microsoft. When necessary, PPTs can be converted to other file formats, like MP3s, MP4s, or WAV. The most common way to convert your PPT files to videos is by using free online converters, but that doesn’t mean it’s also the safest.

To save you from the trouble of finding a reliable video or audio converter online, we’ll show you how to convert PowerPoint to video in three simple steps! Once you access DoNotPay, you can start converting your PPT files like a pro!

How To Convert PowerPoint to Video Online

There are a few PowerPoint to video converters you can find and use online, including:

  • OnlineConvert
  • Converter365
  • AnyConv
  • Convertio

The above-listed converters are essentially the same. Here’s how the conversion process works with them:

  1. Upload the PPT document you want to be converted
  2. Choose the output format you want
  3. Wait for the conversion to be complete
  4. Download your converted file

Although the process is pretty simple, you have to make sure the converter you pick is safe prior to using it. Most of these free online converters aren’t secure and can cause a variety of issues. We can help you understand what these issues are so that you can steer clear of them in the future.

The Issues You Can Run Into When Using Free PowerPoint to Video Converters

It's important to do the math before you use a ‘’free’’ file converter. There are often hidden costs, especially when it comes to converting Microsoft Office files.

When you're switching from one operating system to another, sometimes, the files just won't open. You can run into a bunch of issues when you start experimenting with free file converters. Some of the other common problems when it comes to using these converters are:

  • Certain converters will require you to fill in a survey before they allow you to convert your file
  • You may not be able to download the converted file. Instead, you can only see it on the website
  • The wrong converter may be recommended for your particular type of file and use the wrong encoding settings, so even if it does work, it might not be what you were expecting
  • The majority of free file converters don't support batch conversions
  • Your personal info isn’t protected from third parties when using these converters

DoNotPay Converts PowerPoint to Video Safely in Seconds!

Forget about wasting hours trying to discern whether a converter is safe to use or not! With DoNotPay, you can convert your PPT files to video easily and not worry about the safety of your data for a second! Our app ensures that it’s completely protected during this process and even deletes it 24 hours after the conversion. You can have peace of mind during the conversion of your files on either Mac or Windows—our File Converter product works on all operating systems. You can also choose to convert over 100 different file formats without breaking a sweat, and we’ll provide you with high-quality files at that! All you have to do to initiate the process is register for DoNotPay and follow the next steps:

  1. Open the File Converter product
  2. Upload your PPT file
  3. Choose the output format you want

After the conversion is complete, you can download your file from the My Disputes page instantly!

What Other File Types Can DoNotPay Convert?

Want to convert other files besides PPTs? There is no shortage of file types you can convert using our nifty app! Check out the table below for details:

Other File Types You Can Convert With DoNotPay
How To Convert Google Slides to PowerPointHow To Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides
How To Convert PowerPoint to WordHow To Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Download and Compress Anything With DoNotPay

Converting hundreds of different file types is just one of many DoNotPay’s file-management capabilities. Once you start using our app, you’ll also be able to compress files in seconds, convert online videos to MP3s so you can play your favorite tunes on your PC and phone, as well as download videos from the web with a single click.

Once you understand how convenient and easy to use DoNotPay is, and once you understand how much time and energy it saves you, you’ll never do any of these tasks manually again!

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is an ever-expanding app. We’re constantly adding new products and features that will save you time, money, and energy!

From simplifying complex legal processes like creating a power of attorney and drafting a will to suing companies in small claims court, DoNotPay does everything in its power to improve the quality of life of the average person.

Are you sick and tired of annoying robocalls and email spam? Let us take care of it and enjoy your peace of mind.

Don’t want to spend hours waiting on hold or filling out dozens of forms? Use DoNotPay to jump the phone queue, schedule a DMV visit, or cancel an unwanted service or subscription in seconds.

This is just a fraction of what DoNotPay can do for you! Sign up today and see for yourself why over 150,000 people rely on our award-winning app each month.

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