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File Converter Convert PDF to Text in a Flash

Convert PDF to Text the Easy Way

A PDF file is a universally recognized standard for publishing documents. It is a great format for storing and sharing information, and can serve a variety of purposes.

A text file can be any type of computer file that contains only plain-text characters, such as ASCII or Unicode that can be read by any word processing software. TXT files typically have little to no formatting, and are primarily used to for written instructions, manuscripts, and note-taking.

The main reason why people convert PDF to text is that text files are easier to edit or copy. They are also easier to search, allowing you to find whatever words you are looking for in your document much quicker.

Using DoNotPay’s File Converter, you can convert PDF, text, and a variety of different file types in seconds. All you need to do is sign up for our service!

How To Convert PDF to TXT

There are several methods you can use to convert PDF to TXT. Choose the one that’s most convenient for you:

  1. Adobe Reader software
  2. Other third-party PDF conversion tools, such as Nitro Pro, Soda PDF, and Wondershare PDFelement
  3. Online file converters:
    1. PDF2Go—a free file converter that converts PDFs online to popular formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more in a few clicks
    2. PDF to Text—a free utility for converting PDF files to text or word documents.
    3. Smallpdf—a web-based application that enables you to easily convert PDF files to Microsoft Office documents, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
    4. PDFConverter—an online converter that converts PDF files to a variety of formats, including TXT, DOC, HTML, JPEG, and PNG
    5. Zamzar—a free online file conversion web service that uses various algorithms to convert different formats of media, such as videos, audios, images, or text files

Most people prefer using online file converters, especially if they’re in a hurry or don’t want to install additional software on their computers. Downloading, installing, and learning how to use a third-party tool is too big of a hassle, especially if you don’t convert files on a regular basis.

Even though online file converters may be the most convenient, they also come with certain disadvantages you need to be aware of.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using an Online PDF to TXT Converter?

The most obvious disadvantage of using online file converters is the low quality of the converted files. Some online converters are poorly made and focus only on the conversion speed instead of quality.

A far more serious issue is the fact that these converters may store your sensitive information and even sell it to third parties. This is why you should avoid online converters that don’t have a clear-cut Privacy Policy and rely on the latest encryption standards, especially if you plan on converting work-related documents.

You should also steer clear of shady websites that spam you with annoying ads, feature 15+ clickable links on the homepage, or ask for credit card information during sign-up. These sites are often filled with malware and viruses that could easily sneak their way into your device along with the converted file once you hit that download button.

You should also keep in mind that most online PDF converters will produce an error if your file is password protected or copyright protected with restricted viewing rights.

How To Make Sure a PDF to Text Converter Is Safe

There are a few different ways for you to ensure that it is safe to use an online resource without putting your data at risk:

  • Read the Terms of Service on the website before using —If there are no terms of service available, then you should think twice about using a certain file converter
  • Read the Privacy Policy to find out if there are any third parties involved in the conversion process, such as advertising companies
  • Check user reviews—There are many reviews posted online about different converters and they can help you decide which online converter is the best fit for you

Converting PDF to Text Is a Piece of Cake With DoNotPay!

You don't need to use unreliable online converters to convert PDF to text. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to convert your files without having to worry about the safety of your data, use DoNotPay! We will convert your files in a flash and delete them from our database 24 hours after the conversion to protect your privacy.

To be able to use our File Converter product, you’ll need to log in to your DoNotPay account first. Once you do that, open the File Converter and complete these simple steps:

  1. Upload your PDF file
  2. Choose text as the format you want to convert it to
  3. Go to My Disputes page and download your new text file

Using our award-winning app, you’ll be able to convert an unlimited number of files in seconds!

What Other Files Can DoNotPay Convert?

Do you need assistance with converting more than just your PDF files? You can convert a number of different files in a snap with DoNotPay! For more info, consult the table below:

PDF to Other File Types
How To Convert PDF to WordHow To Convert PDF to PowerPoint
How To Convert PDF to ExcelHow To Convert PDF to PNG
How To Convert PDF to Google DocHow To Convert PDF to JPG
Adobe PDF ConverterHow To Convert PDF to a Fillable Form
How To Convert PDF to DocXHow To Convert PDF to DWG
How To Convert PDF to MOBIHow To Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10
How To Convert PDF to Word on MacHow To Convert PDF to HTML
How To Convert PDF to KindleHow To Convert PDF to SVG
How To Convert PDF to TIFFHow To Convert PDF to PDF/A
How To Convert PDF to CSVHow To Convert PDF to an Editable PDF
How To Convert PDF to a Searchable PDFHow To Convert PDF to DXF
How To Convert PDF to PagesHow To Convert PDF to EPS
How To Convert PDF to eBookHow To Convert PDF to Google Slides
How To Convert PDF to XMLPDF Converter
Other File Types to PDF
How To Convert HTML to PDFHow To Convert RTF to PDF
How To Convert DjVu to PDFHow To Convert TXT to PDF
How To Convert ODT to PDFHow To Convert Google Doc to PDF
How To Convert OXPS to PDFHow To Convert HML to PDF
How To Convert Scanned Document to PDFHow To Convert WordPad to PDF
How To Convert EML to PDFHow To Convert ACSM to PDF
How To Convert Word to PDFHow To Convert Email to PDF
How To Convert Publisher to PDFHow To Convert Multiple Files to PDF
How To Convert Multiple Word Documents to PDF
Word To Other File Types
How To Convert Word to JPEGHow To Convert Word to Excel
How To Convert Word to HTMLHow To Convert Word to PowerPoint
Other File Types to Word
How To Convert HTML to WordHow To Convert Google Doc to Word
How To Convert Scanned PDF to WordThe Best Way To Convert PDF to Word
WPS PDF to Word ConverterFree Online PDF to Word Converter Without Email
Nitro PDF to Word Converter
DOCX to Other Files
How To Convert DOCX to PDFHow To Convert DOCX to DOC
How To Convert DOCX to JPGDOCX Converter
Other Files You Can Convert With DoNotPay
How To Convert HTML to JPGHow To Convert Text File to Excel
How To Convert ODT to DOCXDocument Converter
DAT File Converter

Download and Compress Anything With DoNotPay

Converting hundreds of different file types is just one of many DoNotPay’s file-management capabilities. Once you start using our app, you’ll also be able to compress files in seconds, convert online videos to mp3s so you can play your favorite tunes on your PC and phone, as well as download videos from the web with a single click.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is an ever-expanding app. We’re constantly adding new products and features that will save you time, money, and energy!

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