Learn How To Convert HEIC to PNG IN SECONDS

File Converter Learn How To Convert HEIC to PNG IN SECONDS

Tips on How To Convert HEIC to PNG Without Breaking a Sweat

High-efficiency Image File Format (HEIC or HEIF) is a new image format that can store both photos and high-definition videos. It was created by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) as an alternative to the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format.

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics, which is a raster image format that offers lossless data compression and transparency support.

If you want to convert HEIC to PNG or JPG, you can do it by using different online converters. We’re here to explain how these online converters work and offer you a couple of commonly used options. You can also avoid using shady platforms and opt for DoNotPay instead. The service our app provides is completely secure, and you can use it on any operating system (such as Linux, Windows, and Mac).

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How To Convert HEIC to PNG

If you want to convert your files online, you can try one of the following converters:

  1. CloudConvert
  2. Convertio


CloudConvert provides a cloud service that allows people to convert their own documents into portable, searchable, and editable files on the cloud. The service is useful for converting PDFs, Word documents, PNGs, HEICs, PowerPoint presentations, and other formats.


Convertio is a tool that can convert all kinds of files. It allows you to change your PDF, DOCX, and XLSX files to RTF. In addition, you can also use it to convert your HEIC files to PNGs, among other formats.

The Common Downsides of Using Free Online HEIC to PNG Converters

Although they get the job done, there are many downsides to free file converters. The most common one is that these converters can put malware on your computer or steal your data. That can be extremely dangerous if you’re converting important work files or any documents containing your personal info.

Another downside is that these platforms can convert the file incorrectly, which causes errors when you open the file afterward.

There are also third-party sites that can gain access to your private information and use it for malicious purposes. Free online converters usually aren’t protected, so your data being acquired by unauthorized third parties can happen easily. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose just about any converter out there. There are ways you can ensure the website you use is a safe one, and we’re here to tell you how.

How To Ensure an Online HEIC to PNG Converter Is Safe

To make sure you avoid the risks, follow this guide and use our tips on how to find a safe and reliable converter:

  • Check the reviews—See what other people who used the service have to say about it. If you find positive reviews, the converter is probably safe to use, but if not, steer clear of it
  • Find out what the supported file types are—You want to make sure that the file type you have already has an extension that the converter supports. For example, if you are converting a DOC file, you will need a converter that supports .docx
  • See if the company offers support—Check whether the website provides support if you have any issues or need help with it after using it for free. Many people don't get this information until they experience a problem and must contact the developer's support team for help. If the website doesn’t provide a way to reach support and ask for help, you might want to stay away from using its services and find a different one
  • Look up the company’s privacy policy—A trustworthy and reliable company will provide all the specifics about how they intend to use your data and personal info in the privacy policy. If you can’t find such details, don’t risk using the said company’s services and look for a different one

DoNotPay Can Convert HEIC to PNG in a Jiffy!

Forget about wasting time researching a ton of websites and making sure the one you want to use is secure! With DoNotPay, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data at all! We make sure all of your files and info are completely protected and delete them 24 hours after the conversion. You can rest assured the conversion process will be completely safe and the converted files of high quality. Subscribe to DoNotPay and follow the next steps to start converting your files right away:

  1. Open the File Converter product
  2. Upload your HEIC file
  3. Click on PNG

That’s it! We’ll convert your file instantly, and you can download it from the My Disputes tab.

What Other Files Can DoNotPay Convert?

You can achieve so much more with our app! There is no shortage of available file formats you can convert from and to in only a few clicks! Check out the table below to see a fragment of what you can convert with DoNotPay:

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Other File Types to JPG
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How To Convert PNG to JPGHow To Convert PNG to JPG on Mac
How To Convert Webp to JPGHow To Convert Image to JPG
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How To Convert NEF to JPGHow To Convert JFIF to JPG
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JPG to Other File Types
How To Convert JPG to PDFHow To Convert JPG to Transparent PNG
How To Convert JPG to WordHow To Convert JPG to PNG
How To Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 7How To Convert JPG to PDF on Mac
How To Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10How To Convert JPG to JPEG
Other Files You Can Convert With DoNotPay
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