Contract Proposal Template—How To Write a Contract Proposal

Standardized Legal Documents Contract Proposal Template—How To Write a Contract Proposal

Contract Proposal Template—Write a Stellar Proposal With These Tips!

Owning a business that provides quality services or sells excellent goods is a challenge in itself. Finding customers to buy what your business is selling is another matter entirely.

What helps to draw the clients in is an excellent contract proposal—but what if you’ve never written one?

This article helps you ditch lousy contract proposal templates and gives you tips on how to write your proposal so that buyers actually accept your deal!

What Is a Contract Proposal?

A contract proposal is an official offer by one party made to another to enter into a legal agreement. The party that proposes a contract is called the offeror or the promisor, while the other party is called the acceptor or the promisee.

Every business that intends to attract clients needs a solid contract proposal. The proposal serves to define the:

  • Business approach and objectives
  • Services or goods the business will offer to a client in exchange for payment
  • Expected deliverables and deadlines
  • Negotiable terms and conditions of an agreement between the parties
  • Proposed price and payment schedule

The main purpose of a contract proposal is to attract customers and make them want to work with the business making the offer.

The contract proposal also serves as a starting point for negotiations between the parties. While it needs to be specific, keep in mind that the terms and conditions in your contract proposal are always subject to change as you begin the negotiations.

What Is the Difference Between a Contract and a Contract Proposal?

If you are going to write a contract proposal, you must understand that it is not the same as an actual contract.

While a contract proposal is a written document, it only serves to make an offer to prospective clients.

When the client accepts your terms—or when the new terms are drafted after the negotiation— you can write a contract.

A contract is a legal document that is enforceable by law after you and your client sign it. Breaching any terms in this legal document incurs specific penalties defined in the contract.

Why You Need a Contract Proposal

You may be thinking that, since it’s not an actual contract, you don’t need to write a contract proposal. While that may be true, there are a lot of reasons why you want to write a proposal before you contact prospective clients.

You want to write a solid contract proposal for your business because it:

  • Saves time—When you outline how your business can help the client solve certain issues, you don’t need to spend hours pitching your ideas. When a potential client looks at your proposal, the document should answer all of their questions. You can also use the same proposal for approaching different customers
  • Makes your business stand out—Besides making you look professional, the proposal also serves as a portfolio in which you can outline your qualifications 
  • Serves as a basis for an actual contract—Although the proposal isn’t an actual business contract, it can become one once the client agrees to your terms. You can use or modify your proposal to create a legal document

What To Include in Your Contract Proposal

The key ingredient for creating an amazing business proposal is being specific. Instead of using generic templates that will take time to edit, write your proposal from scratch.

Here are the details you want to include:

  1. The issue you’ll solve—Define the problem your client has that your business can solve by providing specific goods or services
  2. Business strategy and objectives—If you’re going to offer continuous service to your client, present a clear project strategy you’ll implement. You should include information about how the project will evolve, how your client will benefit from it, and what goals you’re going to achieve together
  3. Payment details—Put a price tag on your goods or services but remember that this and the other sections are negotiable. You should also state at what intervals you expect to be paid
  4. Project duration—Propose the start and end date of the potential agreement
  5. Your qualifications—Present your business by including the qualifications you already have. You can incorporate positive reviews of your previous customers

When the client agrees to your terms and conditions, it’s time to make your proposal into a legally binding contract. When writing a contract, you should add the following sections:

  • Termination clause—Every legal document needs to have termination details. They define the conditions under which the contract can be terminated
  • Dispute resolution—Should anything go wrong while you’re under a contract, you should have clear strategies for how you’ll resolve issues. That way, you minimize the risk of lawsuits

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