Key Aspects of a Contract for Deed in Oklahoma

Standardized Legal Documents Key Aspects of a Contract for Deed in Oklahoma

Write Your Contract for Deed in Oklahoma the Right Way

Do you want to buy a property in Oklahoma, but you can’t obtain a mortgage due to a bad employment situation or poor credit score? Do you want to sell your house or apartment to a buyer who wants to pay for it in installments? Whichever the case may be, you should consider signing a contract for deed form. If you don’t know how to draft one, we are here to provide a detailed guide.

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Find Out What a Contract for Deed Is

A contract for deed—also known as a land contract or an installment land contract—is a legally binding document signed between a buyer and a seller of a property. This document is needed if the buyer can’t get a mortgage from a bank, credit union, or any other lenders. The contract allows the buyer to purchase the property by paying monthly installments to the seller.

The buyer can live in the property, but the seller will hold the legal title until the buyer pays off the debt. Once the last installment has been paid, the buyer will obtain the deed to the property.

The Good and the Bad of a Contract for Deed

Before you decide whether a contract for deed is the best solution for your situation, you should be aware of both the pros and cons of this document:

For the BuyerFor the SellerFor the BuyerFor the Seller
  • It’s more affordable than getting a loan
  • You don’t need to qualify for financing to buy a home
  • The interest rates are favorable
  • You can negotiate with the seller
  • The process is super simple
  • The property will stay in your name until the buyer pays the final installment
  • Buyers will be more interested in purchasing your property
  • You’ll pay lower taxes if you sell your property this way
  • You will have a regular monthly income
  • You’ll lose the property if you miss one payment
  • The seller usually determines the payment plan
  • You won’t be the owner of the property until you pay off the debt
  • You might need to waste money on a lawsuit if the buyer fails to pay his or her monthly installment
  • You will probably have to wait a few years before transferring the ownership
  • The buyer could damage the property before defaulting

Which Information Should Your Oklahoma Contract for Deed Address?

Before you sign a contract for deed in Oklahoma, you should check if it covers the following info:

  1. Names, addresses, and phone numbers of both signing parties
  2. Property description, including the:
    1. Address
    2. Square footage
    3. Property use
    4. Property access
  3. The total price of the property
  4. Down payment amount
  5. Installment amounts
  6. Balloon payment terms
  7. Late payment fees and penalties
  8. Interest rate
  9. Property insurance
  10. Tax details
  11. The duration of the agreement
  12. Liabilities of both parties
  13. Warranties

Ways To Get a Contract for Deed in Oklahoma

You can get a contract for deed in OK by:

  • Writing it yourself—you can compose the contract on your own, but this option can be risky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with legal terms and Oklahoma laws
  • Using a contract template—there are numerous contract for deed samples that you can use. Note that finding a template suitable for your situation might be tricky. You’ll probably have to modify the sample you find to adjust it to your needs
  • Hiring a lawyer—while this option is the most expensive one, hiring a lawyer ensures you get a valid and professional contract for deed

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