How To Use a Contract For Deed Form

Standardized Legal Documents How To Use a Contract For Deed Form

The Contract for Deed Form Made Simple

When you decide to buy a property, obtaining a mortgage seems like the most convenient solution. The bad news is that this option isn’t available to everyone. Many applications get rejected for various reasons, including:

  • Questionable credit scores
  • Unfavorable employment situation
  • Bad employment history
  • Insufficient down payment

In such cases, you may turn to a contract for deed form—a legal document that helps you purchase your dream property without loads of requirements. Follow our tips and learn how to write a valid contract stress-free!

What Is a Contract for Deed?

A contract for deed is a real estate purchase document for people who don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage. In it, a buyer agrees to pay monthly installments directly to the seller. They can use the property or reside on it, but they become a legal owner only when they pay the full price. The contract usually proposes a set period for the buyer to pay off the debt.

This document determines the terms and conditions of the collaboration between a seller and buyer. The parties are free to negotiate and define the rules, which wouldn’t be possible with a standard mortgage.

What Risks and Benefits Does a Contract for Deed Bring to Sellers and Buyers?

Contracts for deed bring many advantages, but they also entail certain risks for both parties. Below is the table highlighting some benefits and drawbacks of this agreement:



  • The process is simple
  • The buyer doesn’t need to qualify for financing when buying the property with a contract for deed
  • Negotiation with the seller is always possible, which is not the case with mortgages
  • Quicker and cheaper closing procedure
  • Favorable interest rates
  • The buyer must pay the entire price of the property to obtain a legal claim to the real estate in question
  • If the seller stops paying monthly installments, they may lose the property and the money they already paid
  • There are limited inspection rules 


  • Regular income
  • The income the seller gets from the buyer can help them pay off other debts
  • The procedure is much quicker than the standard mortgage sale
  • The seller has the right to terminate the agreement early if the buyer doesn’t pay or breaches any other regulation
  • It’s easier to sell a non-conforming property this way
  • With the property being in their name until the buyer pays it off, the seller’s investment strategies may be affected
  • The seller can stop paying, which means the buyer can lose the profit
  • Being a legal owner until the buyer pays off their debt, the seller is responsible for all legal or ordinance issues

What Should You Include in Your Contract for Deed?

The following list shows a recommended structure you should follow while drafting a contract for deed:

  1. Information about the buyer and seller
    • Full legal names of both parties
    • Contact information
    • State (if the parties reside in different parts of the USA)
  2. Property information
    • Full physical address
    • Description of the property, including the description of the premises and square footage 
    • Property use and access
  3. Payment details
    • Full purchase price
    • Number of monthly installments
    • Interest rates
    • Payment method
    • Late payment penalties
    • Other relevant terms
  4. Potential seller’s debts
  5. Property insurance and tax details
  6. Responsibilities of each party
  7. Default protocols

Discover a Full Range of Customizable Templates With DoNotPay

To create a valid contract, you must:

  • Get familiar with local regulations
  • Adapt the contents of your agreement to the existing local laws
  • Use appropriate legal terms
  • Write the agreement clearly and concisely
  • Have it notarized if the laws in your state require it or if you want additional security

For most people, these steps are too hard to handle. Finding a lawyer to draft your contract guarantees a proper and well-made document, but it may cost you an arm and a leg. If you don’t want to take risks with generic and inaccurate online templates, DoNotPay has the solution.

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That’s not all. You can also have it notarized by booking an appointment with an online notary in the same app. Once you obtain a notary’s digital signature, use our Online Fax feature to fax your documents to anyone from your phone or laptop!

How To Draw Up an Agreement With DoNotPay

To get your personalized contract, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to DoNotPay in any web browser
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  3. Give us more details on the contents of the contract

The only remaining step is to download your agreement and sign it!

What Documents Can You Create With DoNotPay?

Our app offers 15 document templates listed in the table below:

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