How To Choose the Best Contract Addendum Template

Standardized Legal Documents How To Choose the Best Contract Addendum Template

A Contract Addendum Template From A to Z

Choosing a contract addendum template is no easy task. You want to make sure it covers everything you want to add to your contract and that it holds up. Not to worry—we’ll dissect the addendum to a contract and help you find the best template. If you want to create legal documents from scratch, you can turn to DoNotPay—the world’s first virtual lawyer that writes contracts in your stead.

What Is an Addendum to a Contract?

A contract addendum is an additional document or an attachment that is added to the initial contract. Typically, the original contract is still in full force and effect, while the addendum only tweaks the specific terms that are described. All involved parties must agree to it and sign it. The purpose of an addendum can be to:

  • Clarify
  • Nullify
  • Modify

For example, an addendum to a purchase agreement can add a spouse as a co-owner.

Other situations requiring an addendum may include:

  • Date adjustment
  • Deadline extensions
  • Clauses that need to be added or removed
  • Specific term or condition that isn't working out for one or more parties

The Difference Between an Addendum and an Amendment

The basic definition of an addendum is that it’s an addition, whereas an amendment is a change. While both the addendum and the amendment modify the original agreement in a sense, there are crucial differences:

  • A separate document
  • Items not included in the initial document
  • Small changes or additions
  • Changes within an existing document
  • Details changed in the original document after the parties have executed it

Writing a Contract Addendum

Whether you decide to write a contract addendum on your own or you want to check whether a template is good enough, the tips below will come in handy:


Brief Description

Make a new document in addition to the existing contractState that you’re adding an addendum to a contract. The two documents must be linked
Use the same style to be consistent with the contract
  • Use the same margins, typeface, and font size
  • Reference the original document by date and name
  • Title the document to make it clear it is an addendum
Indicate the parties
  • Name the parties that are part of the initial document
  • Identify any additional parties
Add dates
  • Include the date when you’re attaching the addendum
  • Write the addendum’s effective date using the same date format as in the contract
Specify the terms
  • Indicate the terms from the original document that will be modified
  • Specify whether an item is an addition, a change, or a replacement
  • Determine the addendum clause
Add a concluding paragraphA concluding paragraph should safeguard against any unwanted alterations
Add a signature blockIt should have spaces for both parties to sign with their names and titles
Include a notary section if necessaryIf the document needs to be notarized, a notary section is required

What To Keep in Mind Before Creating an Addendum

One of the most important details when attaching an addendum to a contract is to make sure it complies with the original document and its existing terms. This way, it becomes legally enforceable. You should read through your contract and check whether it’s stated that addendums are not allowed or whether there are any requirements or restrictions regarding addendums.

Another vital piece of info to check is whether the addendum complies with the applicable laws. If you’re unsure of your addendum’s legitimacy, you should consult an attorney to be on the safe side.

What To Look Out for When Choosing an Addendum Template

When looking for a contract addendum template, you can either look for a specific one based on the type of contract you want to modify or search for a general one. Both of these come with flaws. A specific template will be easier to change and customize to fit your contract. A general template may require more time to adjust, but it gives you more freedom to add terms you want to include.

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