How To Get a Consent Letter for a Child Travelling to Canada

Child Travel Consent Form How To Get a Consent Letter for a Child Travelling to Canada

Get a Consent Letter for a Child Traveling to Canada

Many countries have strict regulations about children traveling—the U.S. is not an exception. To prove that the child is allowed to travel without them, parents often need to fill out a minor travel consent form. An immigration officer, airline, and travel company are all authorized to ask for the form and can prevent the child from traveling without it.

If you plan to send your child on a trip to Canada, you need to know what to expect at the border. DoNotPay will give you the deets and generate a consent letter for a child traveling to Canada in no time!

What Is a Child Travel Consent Letter?

A child travel consent letter authorizes a child to travel domestically or internationally with one parent, in a group, an authorized individual, or alone. The letter has to be written by the parent or legal guardian who is not accompanying the child on the trip.

Do I Need a Consent Letter Form for Children Traveling Abroad From U.S. to Canada?

Having a consent letter is not a legal requirement, but the U.S. Customs and Border Protection strongly recommends it. It can be requested by:

  • Customs officers
  • Immigration authorities when entering or leaving Canada
  • Airlines

Failure to present the letter on request can result in the child and the accompanied adult being denied to travel.

Do You Have To Have Both Parents’ Consent for a Minor To Travel Out of the Country?

The child should have a consent letter signed by both parents (legal guardians) when leaving the country without them. If one parent is traveling with the child, the other parent should sign the travel consent form. 

That applies to the situations where the parents are:

  • Married or living in a common-law relationship 
  • Divorced, separated, or not living together

How To Write a Letter of Consent for a Child To Travel to Canada

You can create a consent letter for a child traveling to Canada yourself. To ensure that the form has all crucial elements, you should consult the table below:

Consent Letter Section

What It Should Include

Information on the parent or legal guardian giving the authorizationContact details and permission
Details about the childFull name, place of birth, and passport details
Description of the accompanying adultPassport information, contact details, and custody information if it’s the other parent
Information on the child’s needs Medical or allergy information; if you want to authorize the accompanying adult to make medical decisions for the child during the trip, you must complete and attach a separate child medical consent form
Travel detailsDestination and the trip start/end date
SignatureSignature of the parent/legal guardian giving authorization

Can I Find a Child Traveling to Canada Consent Form Online?

Yes, you can. If you type in the required keyword, you can access an array of free online child travel consent forms. The trouble with online templates is that they are general and can’t accommodate specific situations. You will need to:

  1. Look for a minor consent travel form on your own 
  2. Choose the one that meets your criteria the most
  3. Download it
  4. Customize the form by changing, adding, and removing sections
  5. Go over the letter several times to make sure everything is in order

Should I Get a Consent Letter for a Child Travelling to Canada Notarized?

You should get your child travel consent letter notarized for extra protection. Border officials may question the authenticity of the letter, and notarization eliminates any doubt that the signature is indeed made by a parent or guardian.

There are numerous ways to get your minor travel consent form notarized as presented in the table below:

Visiting a Local NotaryHiring a Mobile NotarySubscribing for an Online Notary Service
This method consists of many steps, including finding a notary in your area, scheduling a meeting, and visiting him/her at an agreed timeYou can hire a mobile notary to visit you and notarize your document at the agreed time and place. Mobile notaries are convenient but pricey since they charge for travel expensesOnline notaries will notarize your documents during a video call. You can upload your document and e-sign it, while the notary provides an electronic signature, stamp, and seal. This method is the most practical and time-effective of all

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If creating and getting the document notarized is too much for your busy schedule, DoNotPay offers a solution! By subscribing to our app, you can have the child travel consent letter created and notarized from the same platform!

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a web browser
  2. Find the Child Travel Consent product 
  3. Enter the necessary information about the letter’s content
  4. Opt for notarizing the document

We will create a tailor-made travel consent form based on the information you provided. To get your document notarized, you must click on the link we will send you via email and follow the steps for meeting with the online notary.

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