Make Reservations at Congaree and Penn Without Risking Your Credit Card

Burner Card For Reservations Make Reservations at Congaree and Penn Without Risking Your Credit Card

Make Reservations at Congaree and Penn Without Risking Your Credit Card

If you're gearing up for a fantastic meal at Congaree and Penn, whether you're intending to head out for an adults-only night or a fantastic family meal, you may need to make reservations online in order to ensure that there's a place for you at the table. Making those reservations, however, may mean handing over your credit card number--and for many patrons, that can be a barrier to a great experience. Fortunately, DoNotPay is here to help. With DoNotPay, you can use a burner card to make your reservations, which means that you won't have to put in your credit card number online--or risk unexpected charges.

What Is Congaree and Penn?

Congaree and Penn offers a fantastic "field to fork" experience that allows guests to enjoy high-quality meals with many products, including vegetables, preserves, and meats that come straight from the farm itself. At the restaurant, you can find a little something for everyone, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

After dining, Congaree and Penn visitors can explore the farm and learn more about where the food actually comes from--and the amazing measures taken by those workers in order to provide a fantastic experience for all their visitors.

Congaree and Penn Schedule

At Congaree and Penn, "family hours" fall between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm each day. After 4:00, the children's menu is no longer available, and the restaurant focuses on providing a fine dining experience for its guests. That fine dining experience helps attract a wide range of diners who are interested in dining on the patio, indoors by the fireplace, or among the grapevines for an amazing dinner.

Wednesday & Thursday4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Friday & Saturday11:00 am - 11:00 pm
 Sunday11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Does Congaree and Penn Take Reservations?

Yes, Congaree and Penn does take reservations, which can help guarantee that you will get the seat you want for your dinner out--whether you're heading in with your family or a special date. The online reservation platform is fairly simple.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click the "Make a Reservation" tab
  3. Choose the time you want to dine, including where you want your table
  4. Make your reservation through the simple online system

Reservations for the restaurant itself are free. However, if you want a Farm Pass that will allow you to explore the rest of the farm, you will need to reserve it when you make your reservations.

Each Farm Pass is $5 at the time of reservation, or you can pay $10 per person when you get to the farm. Ordering ahead can help you save considerable money, especially if you have a large party, but it may also mean providing your credit card information.

How to Get a Reservation at Congaree and Penn Without Using Your Own Credit Card

There are several reasons why you might not want to make your reservation with your own credit card when you plan to dine at Congaree and Penn and explore the farm afterward. You might:

  • Not have a credit card
  • Not want to use your credits card online
  • Worry about hidden fees

There are several options you can use to avoid using your credit card, including:

  • Choosing a different restaurant
  • Purchasing your Farm Pass at the door, rather than trying to purchase ahead
  • Using a temporary card to cover the cost of your reservation,

However, if you want to purchase your Farm Pass ahead of time, you may feel frustrated by the need to put in current credit card information.

DoNotPay Can Make Securing Your Reservations Easier

Reservations should be as easy as possible to make--and you shouldn't have to worry about giving up private credit card information to do it. Fortunately, DoNotPay can make the process easy. 


  1. Search "Reservation Credit Card" on DoNotPay.


  2. Tell us the name of the hotel, restaurant, or other services you want to use this card for.

DoNotPay will generate a virtual credit card number that you can use to bypass the verification for the reservation. Enjoy your reservation without worrying about unexpected fees!

DoNotPay's Burner Reservation Cards Work at Any Restaurant

Wherever you're planning to dine, a burner reservation card will allow you to make that reservation without having to worry about unexpected fees or having to give up your credit card information on a website that just doesn't feel secure. In fact, DoNotPay's burner reservation cards work at many of your favorite restaurants. 

Corner 17 ReservationsSalsa Con Fuego Reservations
Eggs n Things ReservationsLowkey Garden Lounge Reservations
Otto Strada ReservationsJolly Pumpkin Ann Arbor Reservations
Impulse Lounge ReservationsBig Grove Tavern Reservations
Laurel Hardware ReservationsDouble Dogs Reservations

Wherever your restaurant journeys take you, DoNotPay's burner reservation cards can help you get reservations without having to give up your private credit card information.

Get Started Using DoNotPay's Burner Card for Reservations Today

Are you ready to make your reservation with Congaree and Penn, without having to worry about unexpected fees or sharing private credit card information? DoNotPay is here to make that process as simple as possible. Check out our Burner Card for Reservations tool today to make your Congaree and Penn reservation the easy way!

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