The Ins and Outs of the Community Benefits Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents The Ins and Outs of the Community Benefits Agreement

Everything About the Community Benefits Agreement

The purpose of agreements in the urban development field is to provide the necessary support for various projects and create strong partnerships between developers and members of the community. 

To define your expectations and rights, you must create a valid and comprehensive legal document. Unfortunately, this won’t be an easy task if you don’t get familiar with the law or hire professional help.

Our guide will show you how the community benefits agreements work and highlight their advantages. You will also get some useful tips on writing rock-solid contracts with zero stress and administrative hurdles!

What Is the Purpose of Community Benefits Agreements?

A community benefits agreement (CBA) is a legally binding document between local community-based coalitions and a project developer. 

Besides being lucrative for the developer, the particular project can bring economic and environmental improvements to residents. The document binds the communities to support the developer during the approval procedure in exchange for specific favors. Its purpose is to address particular community issues the project can solve and outline expected benefits. Unlike traditional project planning, this process brings a high level of certainty that the living conditions in a specific area will improve.

The project developer can also sign a similar document with the local government, allowing them to determine collaboration terms and conditions.

The Effects of the Community Benefits Contract

Successfully executed community benefits agreement can protect and improve:

  • Open space and green areas
  • Housing affordability
  • Local hiring opportunities
  • Neighborhood improvements
  • Targeted hiring development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Wage requirements
  • Poverty reduction
  • Job training programs
  • Support for social enterprises
  • Other crucial community needs

What Are the Advantages of Community Benefit Agreements?

Community benefits contracts can improve the communication between developers and community members. Some of the benefits are listed in the table below: 



Communities participate in the project and get a chance to improve their futureThe community interests will play a huge role in future local development, and the opinions of the members will be more appreciated
The project approval procedure will be simplerThe authorities will authorize the project faster if a strong coalition of credible communities supports it
Local partnerships get strongerThe more cooperation and understanding between the parties, the better the living standards
The promises developers make are legally enforceableA written deal prevents the developer from avoiding their responsibilities. It legally binds them to help the communities involved

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