DoNotPay Helps You Evaluate Which Columbia University Scholarships Work Best for You

Discover and Apply for Scholarships DoNotPay Helps You Evaluate Which Columbia University Scholarships Work Best for You

Your Only Guide to Untangling the Columbia University Scholarships

Being accepted at Columbia University (CU) is a big deal because of the school’s Ivy League status and single-digit acceptance rates. Unfortunately, CU’s high tuition costs and pricey New York City location also make it the second most expensive college in the U.S.

Many low-income group students are intimidated by the university’s rising tuition fees and on-campus living expenses, which can add up to a staggering $80,000!

Columbia University scholarships and grants help you surpass financial setbacks, but looking for those you qualify for is like finding a needle in a haystack. This article will help you narrow down your search for ideal scholarships at CU and explore other financial aid options as well!

Understand the Scheme of Scholarships for Columbia University

While there is a plethora of undergraduate, graduate, and professional scholarships at Columbia University, it's hard to figure out which ones fit your student profile. To achieve that, you need to understand the scholarship distribution scheme followed by CU.

Currently, CU offers three types of scholarships, depending on the source of funding:

  1. School-funded merit scholarships
  2. Institutional need-based aid
  3. Outside awards

Columbia University Merit Scholarships Offered by Campus Schools

CU is organized into 21 schools that offer strictly merit-based scholarships. Due to heavy competition, the selection committee considers the following factors before awarding scholarships:

At present, you can find dozens of merit-based scholarships offered by the following CU schools:

Columbia Law SchoolColumbia Business SchoolColumbia College
School of the ArtsCollege of Dental MedicineBarnard College for Women
Columbia Climate SchoolSchool of General StudiesColumbia Journalism School
Schools of International and Public AffairsVagelos College of Physicians and SurgeonsSchool of Professional Studies
Mailman School of Public HealthSchool of Engineering and Applied ScienceSchool of Arts and Sciences for Doctoral Studies
School of ArchitectureSchool of NursingTeachers College
School of Social WorkUnion Theological SeminaryJewish Theological Seminary

Columbia University Scholarship—Institutional Need-Based Aid

Columbia University’s institutional aid fund is managed by the university’s central administrative team, independent of the CU schools. This aid is also called the Inter-School Fellowship as it can be awarded to anyone attending one of the CU schools who struggles financially.

To apply for need-based financial assistance for college, you need to visit your school’s financial aid office and submit the following:

Remember that institutional aid ranges from $1,000–$5,000. You need to look into campus work-study options if the award still doesn’t meet your financial needs.

CU Scholarships Sponsored by Outside Organizations

Certain private organizations offer scholarships—called Outside Awards—to high school seniors or existing junior college students looking to enroll in a CU school. Many companies provide such scholarships to their employees or employees’ children, but the assistance can be limited to a particular school.

Some country- or state-specific organizations offer Columbia University scholarships for international students, legal immigrants, out-of-state students, or transfer students specifically.

Here are some examples of the current Outside Awards available at CU (they may not be available every year):

How To Evaluate Columbia Scholarships Without Wasting Time

Are you bulldozed over by the overload of financial aid options at CU? We understand this overwhelm quite well.

Columbia University offers financial assistance to various students, but you may not be able to view all active scholarships on its website. If you want to evaluate the eligibility requirements and deadlines of each scholarship, you may need to spend hours and hours visiting multiple student financial aid offices on the campus.

If searching for scholarships seems too time-consuming, consider using DoNotPay’s scholarship finder product. Our app saves your time by generating a consolidated list of all scholarships you qualify for in under five minutes!

We maintain the latest database of all active scholarship programs in the U.S. All you have to do is open your DoNotPay account and fill out our short student questionnaire with details such as your grades, location, interests, and qualifications. Our app will instantly match you with relevant scholarships offered by CU and other organizations across the country.

Don’t Suffer in Silence—Apply for Selected Scholarships With DoNotPay’s Support

The bitter truth is that, despite suffering financially, many students never apply for the abundant scholarship opportunities available to them.

DoNotPay aims to fix this problem with our handy Apply for Scholarships tool. Our app not only gives you a tailor-made list of scholarships but also offers to apply for all no-essay scholarships you qualify for on your behalf!

DoNotPay’s scholarship application option generates a list of no-essay scholarships that you’re eligible for. Once you browse and select your favorite options, we will apply for the selected scholarships in your name. You will also get a confirmation email after each successful application.

Here’s what you need to do:

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Using our Apply for Scholarships product every week will ensure you’re exposed to the maximum number of relevant scholarships. That way, you won’t be limited to Columbia University scholarships and will have a real chance at winning other substantial financial awards.

Tips To Win More Scholarships

Any scholarship, whether small or big, can replenish your college funds and minimize student loans. DoNotPay covers the no-essay scholarship game for you, but here are some tips to help you win the rest of them:

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