How To Get a Colorado LLC Operating Agreement in 4 STEPS

Standardized Legal Documents How To Get a Colorado LLC Operating Agreement in 4 STEPS

Get a Customized Colorado LLC Operating Agreement Fast

Even though the Centennial State doesn’t require limited liability company owners to draw up such a contract, you should not start a company without a Colorado LLC operating agreement!

If you’re feeling at sea with writing contracts, you’re not the only one. Drafting legal documents is tricky work for anyone who isn’t a professional lawyer—which doesn’t mean that you can afford to spend tons of money on one. You also shouldn’t waste your days deciphering outdated information in contract templates you find online.

This article will help you learn what LLC operating agreements are, how they work in Colorado, and why you need the agreement for your business. You will also see how you can get a personalized LLC operating agreement for your company without any effort!

Understanding What an LLC Operating Agreement Is

An LLC operating agreement is a legal document that details all the specifics about the company and how it will operate.

There are different types of LLCs—such as a multi-member or single-member LLC—so there are also different kinds of LLC operating agreements. Even within these categories, LLC operating agreements differ since not one limited liability company is like another.

What every LLC agreement should include is the information about:

  • What the company is
  • How it will manage revenue and expenses
  • Who the members are

A liability statement is the main part of the LLC operating agreement since it protects all the members against bearing liability.

Why Do Companies Use LLC Operating Agreements?

Even though only a total of five states obliges limited liability companies to use an LLC operating agreement, you should definitely have one if you are about to launch an LLC.

A properly crafted LLC operating agreement ensures that:

  • The business can operate on the terms you set rather than the state’s general rules
  • Any future issues within the company’s management and operation will be resolved
  • You and your partners are protected against carrying liability for the business
  • The business will be dissolved in the way that everyone agrees with or will be bought out by a third party on your terms

How To Write an LLC Operating Agreement?

There are several ways to draw up an operating agreement for your LLC. Besides hiring an expensive lawyer, you can:

  1. Use a contract template
  2. Draft the agreement on your own
  3. Generate a customized LLC operating agreement with the help of DoNotPay

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Contract Template

Templates may seem like an easy solution when you need a legal document, but they are far from it. If you decide to use a contract template you downloaded from the internet, be prepared to: 

  • Have watermarks all over your contract, which renders it unprofessional
  • Deal with Incomplete information inside the template
  • Find grammar and spelling errors
  • Research all the clauses in the template to check whether the information is up-to-date
  • Deal with additional work of adding sections that you need and that the template lacks

Writing an LLC Operating Agreement on Your Own

If you decide to start from scratch and write the contract yourself, here are the details you need to include in it:

Information About

What It Details

Company structure
  • What the company is about and its full legal name
  • When the business was formed
  • Whether the company has one or multiple owners
  • Who the owner is
  • How many members there are and their names
  • Whether there is a hired manager or the company is managed by its members
  • How the company members will make decisions—for example, whether each member gets one vote in the decision-making process or certain members have more voting rights
Capital contribution
  • How much money each member puts in to found and run the company
  • What action will be taken to raise funds for future projects
  • How much profit goes to each member
  • Who is responsible for overseeing the distribution of revenue
Organization changes
  • What happens when there is a need to change an owner or another member of the company
  • How replacing members will work
  • Whether a third party can buy out the company at some point
Company dissolution
  • How the company will be dissolved
  • Who gets to decide to dissolve the company

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Using DoNotPay’s Legal Documents feature is the optional choice if you need to write an LLC operating agreement from scratch. In only a few minutes, you can get a completely personalized contract for your business without having to lose any time or nerves.

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