The Best Way to Get a Colorado Hunting License

Hunting Licenses The Best Way to Get a Colorado Hunting License

The Easiest Way to Obtain a Colorado Hunting License

Colorado is a big name for lovers of game meat. Colorado is quite the catch for avid hunters, with a wide variety of wildlife and hunting grounds. Before you explore Colorado's wild with your hunting gear, you must obtain a valid Colorado hunting license

You can obtain a  hunting license by applying from the Colorado Parks & Wildlife offices, which is a lengthy process that involves long queues at the CPW offices. However, DoNotPay can help you get your Hunting License within minutes of application without leaving the comfort of your home.

Who Is Eligible to Get a Colorado Hunting License?

All Colorado residents who wish to hunt in the state must have a resident hunting license. Residents aged 18-64 must have an additional Habitat card before applying for the hunting license. Military personnel and non-resident full-time students living and studying in Colorado are considered residents.

You might need additional licenses and stamps depending on the type of hunting you choose to engage in.

Before applying for a hunting license, every resident born after January 1, 1949, must undergo the Hunting Education Program. Certified volunteer hunter education instructors and CPW staff lead the program throughout the year. The program is divided into three classes:

  • Bowhunter Education Class
  • Traditional Classes
  • Bowhunter Education Class

What Are the Different Types of Hunting Licenses in Colorado?

There are six types of hunting licenses in Colorado. These include:

1. Colorado Resident License

All Colorado residents are eligible for a Colorado resident's license. To be a resident of Colorado, you must live within the state for more than six months. Active military personnel and international students studying full-time and living in Colorado are considered as residents.

Additional licenses and stamps are required to hunt specific animal species or for specialized hunting.

2. Non-Resident Hunting License

A non-resident hunting license is issued to those living outside of Colorado but wish to hunt on Colorado grounds. Additionally, all interested non-residents aged 18-64 must get the annual Habitat stamp before applying for a hunting license. 

3. Youth Hunting License

Both residents and non-residents under 18 can acquire a youth hunting license. 

Also, resident and non-resident youths aged 12-18 can acquire the youth big game license.

4. Disability License

The Mobility-Impaired Hunting License is available for Colorado residents with mobility impairments. People with physical impairment also get specialized hunting education from the Hunter Education Office.

Veterans with a service-connected disability enjoy free Lifetime Fishing and Small Game Hunting Combination License (VA combo license).

5. Migratory Waterfowl Stamp

The Colorado Waterfowl Stamp and the Federal Duck Stamp are mandatory stamps for all hunters older than 16 years to allow migratory waterfowl hunting. The hunters can only get the stamp after participating in the Harvest Information Program (HIP).

6. Military and Veteran License

Military and veteran licenses are available to military officers permanently living and actively serving in Colorado, and officers from Colorado dispatched elsewhere but maintain Colorado as their official state.

Resident veterans with more than 60% service-connected disability are eligible for a free Lifetime Fishing and Small Game Hunting Combination License (VA combo license).

Colorado does not offer hunting licenses to senior citizens older than 64 years.

What Is the Cost of a Colorado Hunting License?

The cost of a hunting license in Colorado depends on the type of license and the applicant's residency. The table below shows a list of the main hunting licenses in Colorado:

Type of Hunting LicenseCost (non-resident)Cost (resident) 
​Annual Small Game Hunting License$84.96$30.87
Furbearer Only License$84.96$30.87
Youth Annual Small Game Hunting and Furbearer License (under age 18)$1.29$1.29
Combination Annual Fishing and Annual Small Game Hunting LicenseN/A$51.68
Senior Combination Annual Fishing and Annual Small Game Hunting LicenseN/A$30.50
1-day Small Game Hunting License​$17.35​$14.23
Annual Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp, Required with the Purchase of a Hunting or Fishing License​$10.40​$10.40
"Lifetime" Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp$312.30$312.30
​Colorado State Waterfowl Stamp$10.40$10.40
​​​​Wildlife Education Fee, Applied on Every License (except as noted)$1.50$1.50

How to Get a Hunting License in Colorado on Your Own

To get a Colorado hunting license on your own, you need to go through the following process:

  • Take and complete a hunting education session
  • Choose the correct license
  • Buy the license through the most convenient method for you

There are three channels you can buy a Colorado hunting license, including:

1. Approved License Retailers

There are several approved hunting license retailers within the state of Colorado. Visit the retailer nearest to you and apply for your Colorado hunting license. Payment methods accepted at the retailer include cash, card, or check. Make the payment with cash or card, and you'll receive your license on the spot.

2. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Office

To obtain your Colorado hunting license, visit the CPW headquarters at the following address:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

6060 Broadway

Denver, CO  80216


There are other regional offices―the specific regional addresses are listed on the CPW website. Provide your identification card, passport photo, and social security number. Fill in the application form, pay for the license and wait for processing.

3. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Website

Log in to the official CPW website and navigate the Plan Your Hunt page.  Fill in your details, proof of payment and wait for your license to be mailed to you.

4. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Call Center

You can buy a hunting license by making a call to the CPW offices on 1-800-244-5613

You should provide the following information while applying for a hunting license:

  • Identification documents (i.e., ID card or driver's license)
  • Photos for identification
  • Hunter education proof
  • Social security number

The Easier Way to Get a Colorado Hunting License With the Help of DoNotPay

Obtaining a hunting license in Colorado by contacting CPW or the certified retailers is a long process that takes a lot of time and requires a lot of paperwork. DoNotPay can help you get your hunting license fast through an automated application process without all of the hassles.

If you don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 simple steps: 

1. Search "hunting license" on DoNotPay and select the state you would like a hunting license for.


2. Indicate whether you are a resident or non-resident, and choose the type of license you want. For example, an annual or one-time pass, big game or small game license, bear tag, etc.


3. Provide your contact information, a copy of your government-issued ID, and pay the fee required by the state.


And that's it! DoNotPay will get your Colorado hunting license on your behalf, which will be valid immediately. Just download the file and print it as a temporary license, while a physical copy gets processed and sent to you by mail.

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